M.L.P Review- S3ep3- Too Many Pinkie Pies

Posted: November 14, 2013 in My Little Pony- Reviews


So while I was sitting here, sipping on yet another cup of English breakfast tea (at 10 PM) I thought to myself… “Hey, Mr.Reviewer (cause I think in the 3rd person) why don’t you post another review?” And I agreed with myself. So here we go!


This Episode seems to keep the trend of “re-introducing characters we already know”, and takes it up a notch. Twilight is magical, pinkie is NUTZ. Things we already knew! And now we know them… AGAIN! So you can probably tell I feel that this episode felt a bit off. Once again, they have this long drawn out bit in the middle of the episode that dragged on and on until I wanted to rip my eyes out and play ping pong with them (somehow).

However, this doesn’t mean the episode was bad by any means. In fact, I thought this episode provided a healthy dose of “DA HELL DID PINKIE JUST DO?” that we all needed after that two-parter. This episode surrounds the lovable and slightly pink character “Pinkie pie” as she tries to be a part of all her friends’ “fun” activities, however, there is only one “her” and she can’t be everywhere at the same time! Or… can she?

She remembers (randomly) about this story of a mirror pond that if you recite some nursery rhymes and step (dramatically) into, you become doubled. And in the typical high jinx that cartoon shows are, this soon spirals out of control as she creates WAY to many versions of her. Her friends (somewhat slowly) find out and proceed to methodically blow up every single version of her that ISN’T the ACTUAL her… confused yet? Well her friends being the nincompoops that they are in this episode (for some reason) couldn’t tell that the ONLY not super excited jumpy and annoying pink pony was the ACTUAL pinkie pie, so they resorted to magically destroy all of them (trying to root out the real one) by making all of them stare at paint dry.

Is this a clever idea? Hell yes! I thought this was a hilarious and an extremely well done idea that quickly became the highlight of the episode. For both the fantastic G3 (generation 3 of MLP) reference, and twilight shooting her horn-beam at each version of Pinkie making them blow up (harry potter style).

Ok, so now that we got the plot synopsis out of the way, what did I think of this episode? I thought this episode was really funny, and hit each mark comedy wise. However, it had some really bad pacing and some disruptingly unrealistic plot developments. Perhaps the most glaring one being that spike found that “magical fix-all-problems” book behind some dusty god damn corner in Twilight’s library (seemingly at random).

This episode suffered from the same lack of continues pacing as the season starter did. However, as soon as things ramped up in the third act, they REALLY ramped up. This re-invigorated my enjoyment and soon enough I was laughing and cheering at my screen like some seven year old prepubescent girl that just got a WHOLE box of lollypops.

Although this episode was a decent starter to the line-up of inconsistent episodes season 3 has to offer, it still provided enough laughs to get me through the slightly boring middle. It’s often a tough task to create a follow up after the season begins, so I hand out an imaginary badge of congratulatory remarks to ‘Dave Polsky’ the writer of this episode. Good job, chap! You dun’ good.


-Fantastic comedic timing by the “Pie”

-Interesting story

-The more Pinkie the better

-Hilarious references

-Third act was a whole dollop of good fun!

-Twilight’s Twilicious Twi-beam that destroys ponies


-Utterly terrible pacing

-Slow middle that felt unremarkable and slightly boring

-Clichés used to progress the plot

-Finding random “solve-it-all” books in dusty corners of the room=bad plot advancement!

Grade: B

  1. tvmovieguy says:

    I’m not a big fan of this episode. I agree with the negative things you say about it, but also the small lapses in continuity bugged me more than they probably should have, for example, Pinkie says ‘Nana Pinkie’, but shouldn’t it be ‘Granny Pie’, like she sings in Giggle At The Ghostly? Maybe it’s a different grandma… Rainbow is reading a Daring Do book, which is good continuity, but it’s the first book! It would’ve been nice to see her read another book in the series! but that’s just a small visual detail… Also, Pinkie calls it the ‘Mirror Pool’ but later on it’s called the ‘Mirror Pond’. I don’t think these things would bother the average viewer, but I’m a sucker for continuity. Also, Spike doesn’t find the book in a dusty corner of the library. He finds it in a hidden compartment in the bookcase. Just, ugh… that’s plot convenience at its worst.

    I’ve gleaned that Dave Polsky’s forte is more in humor, not story, and that if you watch the episode on that level, and try to ignore the shortcomings of the plot, you’ll enjoy it more, which is hard for me, as a big story person, to do. I thought there were a few good visual gags, but they weren’t enough to make me like the episode very much (although G3 Pinkie was hilarious :D). Something else that bothered me (that I probably shouldn’t be thinking so hard about, since this is a Polsky episode) were the implications of Twilight’s behavior in regards to the dismissal of the Pinkies. It was apparent she was using them as quick-fire target practice, and is disturbingly enthusiastic as she blasts them with her Twi-beam :O If I was in a situation where I had to vaporize something identical to a living, breathing creature that also happened to be one of my closest friends, I wouldn’t be so frighteningly eager, and I’d have at least some hesitation. And what if she sent the wrong Pinkie back? It’s entirely possible that she might’ve got distracted by the frickin’ frog crossed with an orange! (poor thing). I know I would!

    So yeah, I don’t hate this episode. It’s hard for me to hate anything so “FUN, FUN, FUN” lol, but it isn’t one I’d come back to all that often. 7/10.

    -Good God, did I just write all of that? lol

    • I love opinions, and i appreciate the comment. It’s always a pleasure to see someone take the time and effort to right a cohesive paragraph (or three) about what they think of the episode. Better yet, they even graded it! Although not the grading system i use with these reviews, it’s still a great thing to see!


  2. Dietz says:

    This episode could have been a horrible one that could have destroyed Pinkie character, like : Pinkie just creates clones without any reason and whithout thinking ahead, but no. She was so in-character that I think this is my favorite Pinkie episode.
    The simple fact that she did all of this just for her friends happiness (and hers at the same time) was so sweet.
    And the humor… This is like one (if not the) funniest episode of the entire serie. Dat G3 Pinkie was just pure gold.

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