M.L.P Review- S3ep6- Sleepless in Ponyville

Posted: November 14, 2013 in My Little Pony- Reviews


                May I just start this review off by saying this episode is hands down my favorite episode the show has ever done. No, not because of the plotline, or the development, or even the comedy. But because I related to it, emotionally, and it ended up making me choke up a little at the end. (yes, yes… laugh all you want)

                The fact of the matter is, when a tv-show makes an episode, that not only hits every note with ease and fluidity, but also hits every note that YOU can relate to, it automatically sticks in your brain as a standout episode. This is no exception, although I won’t explain HOW exactly I related to it, I still did, and this made my experience (I’m sure) much better.

                Anyway, this episode surrounds the only CMC character that has not yet been fully explored (more to come in season 4), Scootaloo. She has always been my favorite CMC so this is automatically an awesome idea. However, the writers take it up a notch by crafting a fantastically paced episode with well-timed comedy (the falling down gag during the tent-setup) and well-written dramatic pieces as well.

                After a group of ponies (and the CMC) go out on a camping trip,  Scootaloo gets the crap scared out of her, she can’t sleep. I think we can all relate to this. I remember when I was just seven years old, I watched Jaws, and that movie made me fear swimming for a few years to come. This is a similar situation, however, she is thrust into a dialogue with her role model, Rainbow Dash. Who, as a character, has made significant leaps since her season 1 boring, self-righteous, egotistical, asshole-ness. So right away I was both getting diabetes and laughing my butt off.

                The scenes where Scoots is scared out of her mind are really well crafted, well-choreographed, and fantastically voice acted. As she digressed more and more into a wreck of sleepless-ness and paranoia, the episode just got better and better. This all climaxed during her “headless horse” chase scene where she meets up with Luna (always a welcome cameo) who makes it clear what needs to happen. Was this development slightly forced? Perhaps. However, it had nice continuity with the whole “Princess of the Night” thing Luna has going for her.

                Soon enough, Scoots gets thrusted into a dangerous situation, and BAM… or DASH! Rainbow is there to save the day. From then on, the episode gets feelsy in the best possible way, when a seemingly parentless filly gets partnered up with a pony (Dash) whom perhaps needs a child figure in her life to take care of, to ground herself (pun intended).

                At the end of the day, this episode hit every mark and point with fast paced and often hilarious dialogue. With fantastic set-pieces and an interesting concept. This episode truly embodies what I came to enjoy about this show. The tiny nitpicks aside, this episode really does its job in the best possible way.

                If you haven’t already, I recommend rewatching this episode, to marvel at how high (and good) this show can be when it is in its ‘A’ day!



-PUNny title

-Well timed comedy


-Great development for rainbow dash (who has been getting development out of the wazoo as of recently)

-Sister/sister pair that I have wanted to see since season 2.

-Relate ability  

-Great dramatic set-pieces

-Luna makes a welcome (albeit brief) appearance!


Cons: Although I didn’t fully mention them in the written review above…

-Making Rarity come off as a major B-word to Sweetie belle

-Forced story during the final dream sequence


Grade: A

  1. tvmovieguy says:

    This is a great episode, and my favorite of season 3. I don’t know if it’s my favorite of the show, but it’s high up there. I would give it an B+ mainly because of the way Rarity treated Sweetie Belle and the Luna plotline seeming off, but everything else is so good that it deserves an A. I didn’t know whether Madeleine Peters could carry an episode, but she did it fantastically. Her voice acting as Scootaloo was perfect. All of the voice actors were perfect, as was the animation and writing, and the creative dream sequences. It was also surprisingly emotionally effective. I cared about Scootaloo and what she was going through, and the relationship between Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash is a welcome development, and will hopefully open the doors for some amazing episodes focused on the two of them in the future.

    It was a little disappointing that we don’t learn much of Scootaloo’s life outside of the CMC, but depending on her personal situation, it might be something the show just isn’t allowed to talk about, since it’s for little girls and they can’t apparently can’t handle some harsher stuff in their entertainment, whereas if this show was for little boys, it would likely be able to get away with addressing topics such as death and loss. One of the only things I liked about Apple Family Reunion were the two shooting stars that show up at the beginning and end of the episode that have been confirmed to represent Applejack’s dead parents. It’s just sad that they won’t be able to go more in-depth and provide a really emotional episode delving into that, and it’ll be strictly kept to small visual details and never explicitly mentioned.

    It isn’t wasted potential, though. This episode does what it set out to do brilliantly, and it’s an episode I’ll be sure to return to many, many more times in the future. My grade: A

  2. Dietz says:

    Okay, this is my favorite episode of the show with Hurricane Fluttershy. I’ve always thought Cindy Morrow was the only writer who could write RD in her best ways (Read it and Weep, Hurricane Fluttershy…) Turns out I was wrong. This is the first shot of the new writer Corey Powell, and gosh, what a good shot.
    First off, in terms of continuity, this is just wonderful : The Show Stoppers, Siterhooves Social Day, Look Before You Sleep, Sonic Rainboom, Cute Mark Chronicles… And all those hints fits perfectly to the episode, without feeling forced into it.
    The dream sequences were amazing, the realtion between the characters were so heartwarming, and dat ending, so many feels…
    And Luna appearance didn’t even stole the show (unlike Derpy in the Last Roundup) and that’s always a good point.
    Okay, I’m looking for more Scootalove in season 4. Right now, I don’t know what is my favorite part of the show : the sister relation ship between RD and Scoots, or the childhood relationship between RD and Flutters. To be continued…
    And this episode is of course… Awesometacular

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