M.L.P Review- S3ep11- Just for Sidekicks

Posted: November 15, 2013 in My Little Pony- Reviews



This episode is yet another Spike episode, in a season with two spike episodes (counting this one) and absolutely no Rarity episodes. The writers were clearly smoking some sort of crazy pony hallucinogen that causes them to think that a small purple dragon is actually a white mare.

Anyway, this episode finds spike in over his head after he offers to take in all the pets of the “mane 6” who are off to this massive event being held in the now peaceful Crystal Empire. Right away, this episode is prone to clichés and over-written scripts with less dialogue, and more physical comedy. Cause “crazy pets be funnzies right?!”

Spike episodes have always been hit or miss, or at most just decent episodes of the show period. The writers never put him on some grand quest, and when they do (Dragon’s Quest) it turns out to be a major disappointment. This episode, although not treading in any new water, ends up succeeding where it matters.

The one thing we have found out about Spike, is that he can be sort of an asshole sometimes. This is not his true intentions, but it’s when he does stuff without thinking it through. In this case, it’s taking six pets under his wing just for some gem-incrusted cake. Clearly, this is due to spiral out of control.

The fun doesn’t truly start until Spike starts trekking around Ponyville trying to find a truly masochistic and maniacal bunny rabbit. From then on, the episode finally picks up its pace and provides some entertaining character “cameos”, like from Zecora, and some humorous bits. What stood out to me was the entire few minute scene with the CMC, whom Spike tricks into taking his pets only to return after a little to hear Scootaloo cry “Has anyone seen Tanks head!”

Tank of course being Rainbow Dashes turtle that she found in “May the Best Pet Win” (continuity!). So after that, Angel (the bunny) hops onto the “Mane 6’s” train, and spike has to find a way to sneak onto it. Queue emotional lesson about not being a turd, and then the episode pretty much comes to an end.

I’m not saying this episode was bad, I’m saying this episode doesn’t go anywhere unique or creative. It utilizes a few clichés to progress the story, and isn’t some remarkable episode that I felt excited to re watch. But, it did its job. At the end of the day it was yet another re-tread of territory by the writers, especially with Spike, a character that seems to not be too developed in general. This retread thankfully got enough right to be an entertaining departure into the world of massive pet dust clouds, and at the end of the day, that’s all I’m asking for.



–          Enter fun little clichés that don’t take away from the episode!

–          Spike has some killer one liners

–          The scenes with the CMC

–          It may be a re-tread, but it’s a damn entertaining one

–          Buying an industrial sized pet dryer!


–          Although it may be an entertaining re-tread, it’s still a re-tread and comes off as lazy

–          Too much unsuccessful physical comedy.

–          So spike can bake a cake NOW, but when he had to help Applejack he messes up!

–          Two spike episodes, no Rarity episodes. What heresy is this?!

Grade: B-

  1. Dietz says:

    This episode is simple, but so much effective.
    This was so entertaining, I forgot this was a show about ponies. While a lot of episodes are really cheesy, and not especially funny, this one don’t have a single cheesy moment, and is just funny from begining to end. I think this is one of the episode where I can proudly say : yeah, this is MlP FiM.
    Because even in the most funny episode (Lesson Zero, Party of One, Too Many Pinkie Pies) we still have a cheesy ‘everypony laughs’ moment at the end, or something like that.
    And this is the second episode made by Corey Powell. In his episodes, the facial expressions of the characters are just pure gold (Scootaloo in Sleepless in Ponyville was just brilliant).
    Just in the opening, from when Spike says to Owlicious “somebody took my jewels” to when he says “That’s why I’m asking : who ?” (that’s like 2 seconds) he has like 3 unique and priceless facial expressions.
    And the pets are just wonderful. The all have their moments, and they all have a different personality (I would’ve liked to see more Gummy still). RD+Tank was so cuuute.
    Spike interacting with the CMC was really cool, we didn’t had a lot of those in the previous episodes. We don’t know the relation he has with them.
    So I’d say I’ll buy Just for Sidekicks on blu-ray.

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