M.L.P Review- S4ep3- Castle Mane-ia

Posted: November 27, 2013 in My Little Pony- Reviews


Well, well, well! From good, to amazing! This has to be yet another classic for this cartoon show! Just like “Lesson zero”, “Party of one”, and “Sleepless in Ponyville”, the recent episode Castle Mane-ia treads in new waters, and just like the episodes above, it succeeds in almost every way. Let me just say, right off the bat, this has to be my favorite episode since “Sleepless in Ponyville”.

So let’s get started. Twilight Sparkle is trying to find the keys needed for the secret locked box (WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!) that was revealed in the season premier, Celestia sends her to her old palace and… hijinks comes! One of the only nitpicky thing I can mention about this episode, is that the ONE cliché that they did not succeed in, is providing a convincing reason for the mane 6 to find their way to the same exact castle that Twilight is searching with Spike.

However, all of them are in there, each one in understandable pairs (Dash with Applejack), and the place seems sort of odd and scary. Applejack explains some sort of ghost story, and soon enough so many odd things are happening that it is hard to follow. Hard to follow, mostly due to the brilliant laugh-fits you are sure to be experiencing.

Every cliché that is utilized in this episode is used for comedic effect, everything from scoobie-do episodes, to more modern clichés, we see them all. I was having a ball noticing all of them, and laughing at them as the colorful, cute ponies of Equestria trek around this dangerous place. Of course, in the typical cartoon-horror fashion, they all find each other and they realize that the haunting was just Pinkie playing a rigged pipe organ. And in typical (and hilarious) fashion, they all shake their heads and yell out “Pinkie!” as if it’s a recurring thing.

I don’t think it’s hard to tell that I absolutely loved this episode, everything from its unexpected and less-childish nature, to its wall-to-wall action and comedic timing. Subtle things like the unknown interacting Rarity gets to have with dash (through a glory hole in the wall, it seems), make this all the better. And the fact that it is revealed that there IS something haunting/living inside the castle, is even more unexplored and fascinating.

For a show like this, of course it would be Pinkie Pie causing all the drama. Maybe it’s the fact that I was loving this entire episode so much that I didn’t even bother guessing. All I know is, every single bit of comedy (From angel to fluttershy to rarity to everypony) was gold or at least silver. The pacing was fast and in your face, but not to the point where you couldn’t follow the plot either. Each character was utilized very well, receiving multiple lines of dialogue jam-packed with both references and well-timed deliveries.

All I did at the end was giggle and clap, because this was something I always want to see this show do. An episode that places the characters in a unique location, with unique dialogue and a unique story, only to end with them being even close to each other than before. Brava Castle Mane-ia, welcome to my Top 10 list!


–          Extremely well-paced

–          A comedic use of clichés!

–          Pinkie pie being ADORABLE

–          Wall-to-wall humor!

–          Great character pairings that succeeded without a doubt

–          A unique and pretty setting to explore

–          Lest not forget brilliant voice acting!


–          Twilight acting more like a “mother” than a character experiencing this fantastic story

–          The “Dear diary” Thing was a little forced…

Grade: A

  1. Dietz says:

    Well that was a fun episode. But that’s just it : ponies running into an old castle, scaring each other, for 20 minutes.
    Some jokes at the end were just so damn funny (especially with the misinterpretation of Angel under the pillar). I saw the final twist coming since the begining.
    So a really fun episode, nice references, nothing much else.
    I’d say Castle Mane-ia is a good time no alcohol required

    • For a show that’s supposed to be just unadulterated fun, this episode was the peak. I never found this show to be something that involves deeper meanings or hidden social satire… no no… this is just fun. And i found this episode to be the PERFECT example of that.

      • Dietz says:

        Well of course that for a pony show, this is priceless. I’m just saying that there are some episodes that are funny, heartwarming, sad, and epic at the same time, while this episode is just 100% fun. Not that it’s a bad thing, of course.

  2. tvmovieguy says:

    I thought it was a bit predictable and the way the characters all happened to end up in the castle on the same day was contrived. It doesn’t really do anything new with the haunted house angle, and it seemed like filler that did little than to introduce the diaries.

    On the plus side, I loved the character interactions, some of the jokes, and Rarity, surprisingly enough. I usually hate Rarity, but her characterization was fantastic in this episode. The writer of this episode is writing a Rarity episode, which I’m now really looking forward to. I loved the cutaway gag with Pinkie and the schoolbell as well, and I’m surprised they got away with ‘disembodied pony legs’.

    I saw you and Cobalt’s commentaries in my feed and was really looking forward to watching them, but they got blocked 😦 I thought for sure the smaller screen would work. I suppose you’ll have to make it even smaller 😦

  3. Teonus says:

    I thought that it could be luna playing the organ… That could have been a nice plot twist (no pun intended) and also an interesting character moment for luna (oh how i love her so…)

  4. KyleThePale says:

    What you described here was pretty much my commentary of this episode. Giggling, laughing, clapping, and Scooby Doo references. There were so many I could easily predict what would happen next. Well, except for Pinkie being behind it. I thought it might’ve been the return of Trixie. What’s worse is that I noticed that it was Pinkie’s eye in the portrait. How could I be so naive?

  5. This is one of my favorites too! I died laughing and guessed it was Pinkie playing the organ pretty early on. Where does it place on your Top 10 List?

  6. WiiGuy says:

    I enjoyed this episode, Mr. A.R. But I have a question about the beginning of Season 1: What were the grade numbers you retroactively put on the first four episodes, “Mare in the Moon”, “Elements of Harmony”, “Ticket Master” and “Applebuck Season”? I can’t seem to find the video that answers that question.

    Thanks for your answer and I look forward to your commentary on D- I mean the next episode. I personally will watch the Hub Network premiere of each episode BEFORE I see your blind commentaries, okay?

    • Of course, as expected. The episodes aren’t always leaked. But as for the grades, i believe i address them in my season 1 reflection video, i don’t remember them exactly off the top of my head, sorry!

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