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Hello and welcome to my very first true review, everyone! Are you excited because I’m so excited! While I was sitting around, drinking a cup of my finest tea, I was pondering on how I could start off this whole “reviewing” thing… and I came to the conclusion that I need to start this off by creating a review of My Little Pony. Because… why not?

                        So here we are, I decided to start off with season 3 as season 4 is coming soon and I want to get at least a few people accustomed to the way we do things here. Ok then! Lets get into it!

                        Season 3 was a complete and utter mixed bag, this is not saying that it was a bad mixed bag… but it was mixed non-the-less. It included a very inconsistent pattern of a great episode followed by a worse one. However, apart from a select few, this season’s episodes were surprisingly strong.

                        We started off this season with a two parter (as per usual) and just like the previous season, it was surprising, and quite strong. Now I will say that it was not as good as the Discord season starters in season 2… however, it still held its ground as an intense, albeit slow at times, episode of the show.

                        The episode began with Twilight and the gang trotting off to canterlot to have Twilight meet with the princesses, however, this is no ordinary tea-party get together. No, not at all. In fact, Celestia (once again) has a task for Twilight sparkle. Right away, I was pitching a rage-tent and was ready to complain about how this keeps getting re-used as a way to get the characters on a path of war (in this case, friendship). I was, however, pleasantly surprised at the intriguing lore that Celestia presented to Twilight. The whole idea that there was some ruler who FREKEN INSLAVED the ponies of a magnificent kingdom of crystal, is really badass, especially for a show like this. So I let this slip, and sat back, grabbed my popped corn, and soaked into the ride that is this episode.

                        After a brief (and well-choreographed) song, we got put on the absurdly colored choo-choo train all the way to reference land. Where we met up with the now apparently returning “Shining armor”, who looks surprisingly worried as he tracks through the blizzard to meet the gang. While they are making their way to the kingdom, they quickly encounter “King Sombra” the massive villain in this episode, who, although looked the part, didn’t particularly do much apart from infecting Shining Armor’s horn with some sort of STD.

                        From then on, we find out that the entire kingdom (fantastically animated) was being protected by Cadence (probably with the immense power of LOVE BABY!). The gang sets off to investigate what is going on in this slightly odd kingdom, and soon enough they find out they must bring cheer to the super sad (and amnesia ridden?) ponies of the crystal empire.

                        Here is where the episode falters, because apart from the brilliant “pinkie is fluttershy” gag that happened early on, we didn’t get much substance from the entire cast or story. It was this 20 minute long stretch of “character goes here, acts like the character acts… profit?” It seemed as though the show writers (now without a new showrunner) were trying to re-introduce the characters. Fluttershy is shy, pinkie is nuts, rainbow dash can be both vain and annoying, twilight is smarty smart purple butt, etc etc.

                        I find this to be completely unwarranted, although I understand it. The show was blowing up with new viewers, and the writers may have wanted to get the new people accustomed to this show quickly… however, it did take away from the experience in general.

                        But don’t fear! Plot progression is here! We have an explosion of dramatic flare when we find out they needed to find the REAL crystal heart (which is a thing, apparently… look cadence’s cutie mark you fools!) so Twilight sets off to find it. After jumping through a few hoops (or running up and down upside down stairs) she finds the door to her greatest fear. This provided a touching “spike scene” that was both unexpected and welcome.

                        From then on, the barrier of LOOOOOOVE falls and sombra begins to invade. The ponies panic and scream while the “Mane 6” keep their composure and try to defend the empire. Nevertheless, friendship prevails (hallelujah!) and Shining Armor goes all “Olympic athlete” on Sombra’s ass by throwing his weak and defenseless wife at him like some sort of metallic pole.

                        And just as quickly as this invasion began, it ended. And a bit of me felt disappointed, as the entire episode surrounded re-introducing the characters instead of moving the plot forward. However, it was definitely not a disappointing episode in general.

                        Perhaps it was my high hopes due to the AMAZING season finale? I’m not sure… all I know is that the entire episode felt slightly off, and this caused for a slightly disjointed and confusing experience. But an experience nonetheless, and this experience is one that is still, to this day, a great episode. It was filled with decent (but well-choreographed) musical numbers, fantastic animation, and an interesting story with a underwhelming villain. It helped provide backstory where there is none, however, it gave the entire world of Equestria a fantastic spark of lore that resonated with me and made this entire world slightly more… believable is NOT the word.

Pros: Funny in most parts

-Lore lore loooore!

-Shining armor and Cadence make their… welcome? Return.

-Decent musical bits

-brilliant animation

-A few references thrown in

Cons: Bad pacing

-An odd re-introduction of the characters and their traits

-Underwhelming villain

-A really strange and unwarranted (and slightly boring) middle.

Episode grades:

Part 1: B

Part 2: B+

Overall: B

Hello! Let me try and give a brief explanation to what you are looking at.

This is a special blog i wanted to create to try and express some of my opinions (in review form) about the shows that I watch! If you are visiting from my youtube page “MrAwkwardReviewer” you are no doubt familiar with my review format. However, this is a little different.

1.) I am going to be using a completely knew grading system! (“A-F” grading system, A+ being the best, F being the worst)

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