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Posted: December 4, 2013 in Dr.Who-Reviews
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Let me just start off by saying that I have not seen the previous incarnations of the “Doctor Who” series, in fact, I haven’t heard much about it apart from the rabid fans and the crazy “blue box” that can be there one moment, and gone the next.

I will say this, this is the first episode I have ever seen, and I can already tell that this is inherently “Dr. Who”, no show that I’ve ever even heard of can get away with what this show did in this episode, and somehow receive some very good reviews. Now I know this show may get better (and I really hope it does), because right now, it appeals to the lowest common denominator.

This show is not, the following: Pretty, well directed, mind-boggling, intense, scary, fantastically acted, or even all too interesting. However, this is what the show is: Cliché, absurd, silly, campy, and pretty stupid. But hey, this is my opinion after I saw a trashcan eat a human.

Now I’m not too sure why exactly the writers chose to make the first episode have the most laughably silly threat I’ve ever seen in a, what is supposed to be, intense and mystifying TV-show. I mean… something that controls the plastic, too… take over the world? Out of all the ways this could have been done, let us rig slow-walking manikins with firearms and have them rampaging the streets.

Now wait, what am I doing? I’m reciting my thoughts after I first saw this, but upon second watch through it became abundantly clear that the show WANTED to do this. Its mission was to provide a healthy dollop of silliness. And I really hope I’m correct when I say that… because if not… then oh boy.

The laughably bad CGI and the not-so-intimidating monsters set the mood for a campy, cheesy, and corny TV-show that I think I gained some proper enjoyment out of, actually. Well… my enjoyment may have come from me laughing like a madman at all the silliness the show (hopefully intentionally) brings to the table. And I would be just a terribly cynical person if I didn’t enjoy a good amount of campiness.

Was this a riveting, exciting, thought-provoking, and engaging episode of TV? Of course not! This was absurdly silly, with the most intense moment occurring when Rose (apparently the new assistant of the Doctor?) knocked at the door of a stranger’s home.

Let me take a moment to talk about the characters. Rose, whom was established as the lead of the show in the beginning of the episode is… decent? She’s not interesting, deep, or too entertaining, but she does do her job to some extent (I guess). Her boyfriend? Yeah… I don’t even remember his name. Her mother, whom delivered some very cringe-worthy material is a two dimensional caricature. And finally, the Doctor, is a happy-go-lucky time traveling alien who is oddly charming in his own way. He’s clearly the most entertaining aspect of the show, making me giggle or laugh NOT at the shoddy CGI or mediocre acting, but at his well-delivered and way-to-happy-for-the-occasion lines.

There is not much to say plot wise, so I will say that I thought it was odd, the pacing was off-putting, and the badly animated alien was less intimidating than a wet cucumber. However, I have to say, I really did enjoy a few bits and pieces of this episode.

Whilst I’m alone, sitting on my couch, watching a tv-show, I very rarely laugh out loud. I will proudly say I cackled at this show more than once, and that alone provides a memorable and sort of fun experience, in a corky kind of way.

This is no masterpiece, hell, it’s not even high-class media… in fact, I’m not even too sure what it is. I do know one thing though, I’m eager to see on how this show improves, because despite all its glaring flaws, it’s an odd piece of entertaining ruckus.

P.S- So… I’m not too sure whether this show is rated PG-13… or… what’s up with that? Cause I’m pretty sure a father was brutally gunned down in front of his wife and children.

Grade: C

  1. Desperado316 says:

    Wow! This is pretty cool because I’ve just started watching Dr Who as well on the mad advice of a friend. So I’m watching it with an open mind and trying not to criticize it too much. You can check my reviews at my blog. http://amiageekblog.wordpress.com/

    But yeah I can now watch it and discuss with someone else who isn’t a Whovian… I think you were harsh with your criticism because although cliche, it still had a little entertainment with the comedic timing. Let’s not forget, its aimed at a wider audience… Not just adults.

    • Cool! Yeah i’m totally up for checking out your thoughts as well, and i always appreciate a grading system at the end of reviews!

      Feel free to discuss whenever!

      • Timefireva says:

        Interesting review… I will say that the show definitely gets increasing better! But be prepared for some absurdly silly threats. xD also you have no idea yet how deep a character rose becomes. So definitely keep watching and i’m glad you’ve started reviewing this show.

  2. Hana Shie says:

    oh my… Dude, it does get better i´ll be watching closely your reactions

  3. Sky_Bound says:

    It’s a shame you can’t do Blind let’s watches of Dr Who. I think it’d be fantastic and it’s something no other commentator has ever done ever. Seriously! There are literally no Blind commentators of Dr Who. You could have started a craze, Awkward!

    Also your voice is arousing and therefore It’d give me 40+ minutes of being able to listen to.it.

    … That came off really creepy.

    • Desperado316 says:

      Does blind mean reviewing whilst watching? I kinda write my reviews like that as in I write them as I go along, pausing the episode every few minutes to write something down.

      This is really awesome, we got a small community of us who are starting right from the start. I’ve never been a fan of Doctor Who and I was afraid that I’m starting so late, I’ll have nobody to talk to about it.

      Well happy about this! Fantastic!

      • He was referring to my youtube channel! “MrAwkwardReviewer” where i blind watch/react to various little things. I made this website to share my thoughts on a few shows in particular, the first two being “My little pony: Friendship is magic” (of which i do blind commentaries on) and the second (so far) being “Dr.Who”. I’ll see where i can go from there!

  4. WiiGuy says:

    (YouTube’s not letting me leave comments for some reason, so I want to respond to that “Update: Dr. Who Reviews” video you uploaded here. Okay: I too started from the beginning of the reboot and am watching them via Netflix. Currently, the available episode goes up to those released in 2011 (about 6 seasons). I look forward to your reviews.

  5. Swecorp says:

    Well i can promise it’s goin to be better 😀 (btw her (anoying) boyfriends name is “mickey”) 🙂

  6. whatthefluck13 says:

    yeah, its a silly show, but it does truly get great as it goes on

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