Dr.Who-Review-S1ep11 – Boomtown

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Dr.Who-Reviews
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Guess who’s back? Back again.


I suppose it’s almost logical that after a stellar two parter comes a somewhat mediocre episode revolving around aliens that are too stupid and silly to be taken seriously. At one point the alien has a conversation (while it’s in the bathroom) with one of the women it’s trying to kill. It’s supposed to be an emotionally resonant moment, but instead it’s some half-witted schlocky attempt at character development… but what exactly is the character here? Some decently acted plump women that’s supposed to be a farting alien? No thanks.

However, I will say that the chemistry between the three characters is better than ever, and I have to say that I adore Jack’s presence in the group. He’s witty, fun, and he’s a great fit. I was happy to see him back. Unfortunately, this chemistry only lasts for a short period of time because before we know it they are all being serious in the face of a surfboard-planning alien criminal.

The plan was silly, the story was silly, and the execution was silly. However, I will give credit where credit is due, and the dinner scene between the doctor and the alien was riveting. It was an exciting and well-acted scene that both delivered on the comedy aspect, and the emotionally one too, bringing up some half-decent points at least.

The moment a story takes place in London, present day, it automatically seems dull compared to the ones where they go on bonkers adventures. So, I must cut this episode SOME slack, at least it was all about farting bullshit.

                So yes, she lied to the Doctor, he believed her, and of course, she ended up betraying him. Apparently the TARDIS have a soul or something… and she looked into it, causing her to revert back to an egg. This really did confuse me because the only thing they had to base this on was a small line in the second episode of this show… so I guess it works?

I can’t say I was disappointed with this episode, but I can’t say I was excited by it either. It wasn’t some high-concept well-acted masterpiece, but it wasn’t as terribly bad as the first entry of farting aliens. Overall, a somewhat decent episode is what I watched tonight, now… onto the next one.

Grade: C+ 

  1. Well good news is that you’ll never see the farting aliens again ^_^

    You’ll see an alien of the same race for like 2 seconds quite a while down the road but thats it.

  2. msgempire says:

    I’m enjoying your reviews, but one little thing, and normally I wouldn’t be so nitpicky but it’s simply due to my first reaction to this ep when I was like ‘Yay, sci-fi stuff in nowadays Wales’. This episode was set in Cardiff, which is why all the Welsh accents and the ‘Blaidd Drwg’ thing, and Margarete’s comment about ‘going native’ after mentioning that Westminster wouldn’t notice if the whole of South Wales slipped into the Bristol Chanel.

    It actually links in with ‘the Unquiet Dead’ and why the Gelph turned up in 1800s Cardiff, there’s a rift in time, which the Doctor was using to charge the TARDIS. This rift comes into play again later, but I won’t say how.

    But going off Doctor Who it’s easy to confuse modern London with modern Cardiff because other than when you can actually see a London landmark in shot, the exterior shots are filmed around Cardiff where production is based.

    I look forward to more of your reviews and hope you continue right up to the current episodes and beyond 🙂

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