Dr.Who-Review-S1ep9&10 – The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Dr.Who-Reviews



Must I really compare THIS two parter with the other one?


Well, after watching this two parter, I can easily say that it is the best episode(s) this show has done thus far, outranking both “Daleks” and “Father’s Day” for the most interesting, and entertaining episode. Although the first part was hindered a little bit by a few frustrating sections, the second part redeemed this two parter in a blaze of glory.

When the first part began, I was immediately taken by the setting, 1941. Which was somewhere I wanted the show to go, and I was also intrigued by the survival-horror aspect of the first episode as well. AND may I just say, the scenery and CGI has been improved tenfold over the schlock that was thrown at us in the first episode.

The first episode was wavered by a weak plot, and a downright stupid subplot. I didn’t like Jack, I didn’t like the entirety of his scenes with Rose, I hate the whole “She’s a girl with a good-looking guy, they MUST flirt!” cliché. However, the Doctor’s story was all-out fascinating. The entirety of it had me gripped, and I must reluctantly admit that I was in tears laughing at how the transformation occurred to the doctor, as he was babbling “mummy!”

However, I do believe that this strange disease was explained thoroughly, and I actually love how abnormal it was. So abnormal, that an explanation of “oh it was aliens!” wouldn’t have sufficed. The first part ended with them being surrounded, the two parter began with the doctor telling all of these infected people to go to their rooms, remarking that he’s glad that worked, cause if he didn’t, those would be some bad “last words”.

Que themesong! Oh boy was I laughing in this episode a lot, and do you know the best part about that? I was actually laughing at the JOKES! Instead of the crappy CGI (which it wasn’t), or the clichés/generic campiness. NO, these jokes were actually hysterical! Jack became totally likable in the second part, and the Doctor and his interactions were absolutely priceless. Especially as they try to escape the child whom is breaking through the wall, as jack remarks what an absolutely silly thing the Doctor’s “Screwdriver” is. Not only this, on the humor aspect, we also get fantastic lines delivered from Rose as she calls the Doctor “Spock” (from star trek) because he doesn’t have a real name. She asks him, “WHO are you?! Doctor WHO?!” Which made me giggle like some sort of school girl.

The second part also ramps up the pace, as the story with the orphan girl and her brother (actually her son) gets resolved in an understandable fashion. The nano-thingies healed everyone, and all is well. BUT, instead of having this cliché “everyone is ok as always” scene that can plague A LOT of shows. The Doctor (Spock) addresses this, yelling ecstatically how every single person is OK!

Now if I did have one thing to complain about, in this second part, was that the ending was a little bit TO perfect. Everyone truly DID survive! Fantastic!

Jack is a character I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing again, as his dialogue with the Doctor was damn-near perfect. I would like to see a little less flirting bullcrap that can infect a show like this and run it right into the ground. Less romanticism, more snappy/witty dialogue with intense scenes please!

In the end, this was my favorite episode of this show thus far, this was the best two parter of the show thus far, and it’s main flaw was a slightly underwhelming first half. Bring it on Dr.Who, show me what you can do!

P.S- That dialogue with the Doctor and Jack during their escape REALLY had me in stitches. And look! The Doctor CAN dance!



Part 1: B

Part 2: A-

Overall: A- 

  1. This episode has to be one of my favorites in the entire series. Oh and Jack got his own series because of how popular he was.

    The series is called Torchwood, and i’ll say that you’ll hear the word torchwood come up quite a few times in the future.

  2. Hana Shie says:

    seems like you are enjoying the series, yes this is some of the episodes you show someone to convince them to watch the series so is not strange that you like it.

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