Dr.Who-Review-S2ep2 – Tooth & Claw

Posted: December 9, 2013 in Dr.Who-Reviews



Things get hairy!


So I think it’s about time they have an episode about a werewolf? OH LOOK, here we go! I honestly don’t have a huge opinion on this episode, it was simply solid all the way through. It didn’t have a standout, but it didn’t really have a major downfall either. It seems like one of those regular “that was cool” filler episodes that tend to come along when the writers don’t have something madly creative in mind.

We see glimpses (and perhaps the start) of “Torchwood”, which is the adult-oriented spinoff… so that’s something? But, that was a necessary development. It didn’t do much, but it was enough to convince me.

As for the Queen? That was interesting, we saw countless famous references, and neat little “I bet you didn’t know this!” Easter eggs. Apart from that, we received a decent storyline involving an alien who can turn into a werewolf. Which is always in interesting spin on the common mythos. As in, “look ghosts!” Nope! Spectral beings that look like ghosts, but they are actually aliens!

As always, this show isn’t frightened to attack the corny/cheesy aspects like a cat attacks a mouse. We saw strange kung-fu fighting, over-dramatized acting, and some great dialogue delivery by the Doctor.

I’m honestly used to all of this by now, and since it’s being executed better than it was in season one, I can’t have too many gripes about it. The Doctor is still an oddball for me, at some points he’s just “there”. And at other points, he’s having some great lines. Tennant may be regarded as the best Doctor of the series thus far, but currently, I don’t see it.

What I enjoyed the most about this episode was its knack for filling in history with alien-answers. The Queen was known to have a blood disorder… HEY she may be a werewolf! The telescope? Actually made to kill werewolves! Things like this I can’t help but enjoy, as I love history and having the obscure and unanswered things be answered in a fun little way is just one of those things that I like!

Overall, it was a solid entry in the second season, providing enough entertainment and fun bits and pieces to sustain me through the forty minute run. Here’s hoping we get a little better look at torchwood as we continue on with the series. This series has always been good on continuity, so I’m eager to see how it all wraps up!

P.S- So it’s been confirmed the Queen is a werewolf… or as they said it could just reside in her blood… werewolves in modern day London!

Grade: B

  1. April says:

    You would like Torchwood I think. Jack is in it.

  2. a fan says:

    Torchwoods.. Okay at times, downright awful sometimes (half of season one comes to mind.. It’s all “LOOK WERE DARK AND EDGY”) but other times it’ pretty awesome.

    A very mixed bag.

  3. Stine says:

    I’m a little confused, where is your review of New Earth? Did you remove it or? Because The Chritstmas Invasion is a christmas specal and New Earth is episode 1 of the season.. DEEERP

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