Dr.Who-Review-S2ep6&7 – The Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Dr.Who-Reviews


You’ll be missed, idiot… you’ll be missed.


The climax of this episode felt appropriate, through the mini-story arc that has been running ever since season 1, about Micky feeling like the third wheel… this two parter felt right at home and a proper conclusion. I have to say, that I was quite sad to see Micky leave, because as of recently I began to very much enjoy his presence around the TARDIS, in fact, I thought he contributed a lot to the chemistry in the show.

But… as soon as they introduced his blind grandma, I knew deep down that we won’t be seeing Micky anymore after this episode. It’s unfortunate really, not only because he was entertaining, but because he just started to become a three dimensional character, harboring traits that I found both amusing and touching. Also, the fact that Rose no longer “need him” was somewhat heartbreaking… but realistic. What I like about this show is that although it may be horribly cliché and campy at times, it sells its emotional aspects with surprise. Things don’t really end happily ever after, especially in this episode.

So let’s talk about the invasion of the cybermen, whom we saw a glimpse of back in “Daleks” all the way back in season one. The entire story was decent, it did have some silly moments that didn’t fit the scenario, and the pacing seemed to jolt about the entire first episode. However, it thankfully corrected itself in the second episode, providing a thoroughly entertaining piece of media that never really slowed down.

I also enjoyed the design of the cybermen, as they had the perfect amount of camp-factor and intimidation. Needless to say, they were perfect for a show like this. The story in this episode was also somewhat grim, in the sense that at the end we literally saw hundreds (if not thousands) of people getting electrocuted to death by their own metallic bodies.

What I find shockingly pleasing about this show is that it never introduces side characters/guest stars that aren’t explored and used to their full potential. The women the Doctor talked with while invading the factory was a great example of this, and how do I know? I knew because when she inevitably died, I actually felt a little bit of sorrow towards her, even if she didn’t receive much dialogue. That’s something that I respect, making the secondary characters just as interesting and powerful as the primary ones.

After the intense invasion of London, the climax of this episode felt understandably… anticlimactic. However, I will say that I enjoyed the way the Doctor solved the issue, by indirectly speaking to Micky. Micky also went through a few changes. From the somewhat cowardly yet large-hearted fellah, to a more powerful yet kind character. This was an OK wrap up to the characters arc, as if we do ever see him again (which we probably won’t) it’ll be for an episode or two.

All in all, this episode succeeded in providing intensity and some emotional resonance during the final few scenes. It was a successful episode, and makes me further enjoy and look forward to some of the outlandish possibilities that this show can wander over to. I will miss Micky, as I began to truly like his character, however, this change should not drastically change the show in any means. Let’s see what it has to offer next!



Episode 1: B

Episode 2: B+

Overall: B+


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