MLP:FIM-Review-S4ep7- BATS!

Posted: December 28, 2013 in My Little Pony Fan content-Reviews, My Little Pony- Reviews





If I’m honest, this episode gets better and better the more I rewatch it. I ADORE this episode, from the fantastic themes to the overwhelmingly hilarious dialogue to the beautiful set-pieces. This was yet another classic springing up from the fourth season, a season I think is majorly positive so far.

Today we get to see BATS! An episode that lives up to its name, as not only do we get to see apple-sucking vampire bats, but we also get to see a beloved character transform into a bat as well. Equipped with fangs and insanely fluffy ears, Fluttershy did not hesitate to once again make this episode stand out. In fact, all the characters got a brilliant amount of screen time for an episode that seemed like it would be revolving around Applejack.

The only visible fault was the characters acting a wee bit out of character in ONE scene, which is forgivable since the rest of this episode was pure joy. The particularly impressive aspect of this episode was the brilliant artistic direction it was taken in. Having a very “Nightmare before Christmas” vibe to it, this episode had beautiful details implanted in it. From the smooth transitions between filters, to the panning of the “camera” this episode definitely stood out as this shows most technologically proficient episode. One that I will definitely say was a “Halloween-episode”.

Just like in a few previous episodes, this one continued this season’s trend of leaving of the episode with a little cliffhanger. I hope there is a valuable payoff to this, as I think it has the opportunity to create one of the best season finales to date.

The designs of the bats in this episode was another fantastic addition, as they weren’t some overly-cute creature, in fact, they were something I’d see from some of the “boy” cartoons out there (ugh, I hate saying things like this, but it’s a comparison I drew nonetheless).

The scenery was also delightfully spooky, as they ditched the rose-colored backgrounds for a darker pallet and filter, making it a true homage. I feel like this episode was more of a concept and execution than Power Ponies, the shows previous installment, as it has a more visible theme to it. It executes it with style and talent, and the voice actresses really seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I’ll say it again, I think this not only is perhaps the best episode of the season, but one of my favorite episodes of this show to date!


Grade: A

  1. WiiGuy says:

    Oh my gosh. Mr. Awkward Reviewer, your blind commentary on this episode was mostly the same thoughts I had as I went through the episode myself. You also caught the theme being similar to Nightmare Before Christmas? That’s one of my favorite Disney films of all time! I also realized it was Fluttershy from the moment her eyes turned red. And you like Twilight–the pony I see myself the most like–the most in this episode? Thank you so much!

    I look forward to your theory video and hopefully to one of the six keys to the mystery box from the Harmony Tree.

  2. Hannah says:

    You know what? I don’t think I’ll ever watch another blind commentary video by someone else again because they all are terrible compared to yours. You know how to point out flaws yet still remember that this show is for little girls. And you can be hilarious all the while. Your commentaries make my day and I can’t wait to see your overanalyze video. You deserve way more subscribers than you have. Thank you for doing this Mr Awkward. You’re awesome

  3. narrator007 says:

    I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as most people when I first watched it, in part because I thought it was out of character how all the ponies were ganging up on Fluttershy early. But I also didn’t realize it was themed after A Nightmare Before Christmas. Watching it again with this knowledge, and being a little more forgiving of some mischaracterization in the beginning, I was able to see why everyone else loved this episode so much.

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