Dr.Who-Review-S3ep4 – Gridlock

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Dr.Who-Reviews



In which we meet my favorite episode


You know that feeling when something just clicks? When you just like something so much, it fits like a missing puzzle piece? The concept of something is so interesting and unique, you can’t help but fall in love with it? That’s the kind of feeling that dominated this episode for me. It was really something else.

Now I’m struggling, because I know it wasn’t the highest quality episode this show has done, not the best acted, or even the most plot-progressing. But guess what, it was so much fun! We got to see the face of Bo, again, which was fascinating, but better yet, the entire concept was damn interesting. I loved the idea that the entire world these poor people live in is an ever circling and never-changing sphere of misplaced hope.

Perhaps I’m looking a little too deep into it, but I can’t help it. I had the biggest smile on my face throughout this episode. The fact that people wait years and years just to move a few yards, is just sort of funny and sad! Makes me laugh at how people complain about an hour long drive in traffic.

This episode was not just a bog-standard episode, while it didn’t change the face of the show, like some episodes have, it still was unique in every single way. I can easily say I have never seen an idea like this, and one that is executed so well. We once again get solid side-characters that were well-acted and interesting, from the cat-man to the lesbian grandmas in the car near them. Each one had their unique little niche to them that made me laugh, or just find interesting.

I watched this episode a few days ago already, yet I can’t help gush over it, still! It is somewhat of a little masterpiece in my mind, as I am rarely so invested in a plot-device. Even the giant-crab things, although containing various plot-holes, were still something out of the norm enough, but IN the norm enough for Dr.Who, that I just loved it! I liked the sense of mystery, and I loved how hard they worked on making this place seem so… lonely.

I mean, the CGI was actually really fantastic in this episode, for Dr.Who standards, but still miles ahead of what we have previously seen. We also got a few callbacks to the season 2 episode “New Earth” with the reformed cat-nun taking care of the Face of Bo. I liked this as well, as every character introduced in this show (if not killed) has a chance to return in later episodes.

Although was pretty “meh” on “New Earth” as an episode, this episode totally shifted my thoughts. It was something that I re-watched right after just to see if I missed anything, because there was just so much going on. Every bit of character dialogue was well-acted and meaningful, and the “villians” that were introduced in this episode weren’t ACTUALLY villians, just ones who care about their own life. I love when a show can adapt characters that aren’t so one-noted and boring.

Overall, this episode encapsulated me in its world, with vast and impressive CGI, good acting, and best of all, the coolest idea this show has thought up since… well since I started watching! Congratulations “Gridlock”, for some weird unexplainable reason… you are now my favorite episode!


Grade: A

  1. whatthefluck13 says:

    I really liked this episode as well, but i might be hugely biased because Ardal O’Hanlon was in it(he was the cat man). hes an actor who was in my favorite show ever, Father Ted. Its a silly Irish comedy(I’m Irish, by the way).

  2. mpg272727 says:

    If you think this was a great episode, I cant wait to see how you react to a the rest of Season three!

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