MLP:FIM-Review-S4ep8 – Rarity Takes Manehattan

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Hey guys! Have you heard?! Rarity is GENEROUS!


The reason I say that, is because this episode decided to truly hammer in that fact. “Hey look, the element of generosity… IS GENEROUS!” Who knew?! I know I did!

This is the main aspect of the episode which I couldn’t help but cringe at, every time it was brought up I told myself “yes… I know… how about some subtlety for a change?” But honestly, apart from that main gripe, the entire episode was filled to the brim with hilariousness.

I can go on and on about how well the writers are portrayed Rainbow Dash. The once cocky, abrasive, and annoying character has truly become a fantastic one. She is, hands down, the best developed character of the show, and every episodes seems to reinforce that. The best part is the fact that she still stays IN character, it’s not like she had some drastic change in her personality or anything. The growth seemed natural.

Now, let’s talk about the bell of the ball, Rarity, whom has been lacking an episode for quite a bit has her season four debut, and succeeds with flying colors. Apart from that one flaw, this episode was generally quite accurate in her depiction. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t absolutely love the voice actress who plays her oh so well… Tabitha St.Germain (her voice actress) has a stunning talent for depicting emotion, and Rarity, being the most…hmm… how do I say? Eccentric, character, fits perfectly with the voice actress.

Rarity’s breakdown this episode was once again, something to marvel at. Each line was delivered with passion and sincerity, and it really did succeed. Even the other characters had a decent amount to do in the episode. “Rarity takes Manehattan” seemed like the first episode where the entire cast was UNDERSTANDABLY there, as I can completely believe that a group of friends visiting a foreign city is something that occurs.

While the background characters were played well, and the guest stars were entertaining… there was a feeling of slight blunt exposition. Which is something that is understandable with this shows demographic, but still felt somewhat out of place. For example, when Suri Polomare, whom was portrayed as the antagonist, lied to Rarity about Rarity’s loss in the talent show… then quite literally told her assistant she lied, was something that was not necessary. It was a waste of space exposition line that garnered to the younger demographic, and as I said, it’s understandable, but the show DID fair well without that device in past episodes.

Dave Polsky, the writer of this episode, really did his job in portrayed the characters well. He has always been a machine for fun character humor, and this episode definitely shows his talent with writing character based jokes. From Rainbow Dashes deliveries, to Pinkies hyper-ness, each character seemed to be acting as if they are just filled to the brim with well-delivered humor.

The twist ending definitely seems like a pattern in this season, and my theory of them leading up to a climactic finale definitely seems like it is heading to fruition… I’m not too sure about this ‘twist’ ending, if I can even call it that, but it was still something else this show included.

This season is definitely different, I will say it is for the better, some say it is for the worse. All we can do is wait, and watch these great episodes as they come!

Grade: A-

  1. msgempire says:

    Do you think perhaps the reel of rainbow thread is the key of generosity. It was given to Rarity by a pony who had learned the virtue of generosity from Rarity’s interaction with her friends. Plus there was the rainbow shimmer on the thread, the same shimmer that shone in Rarity’s eyes when she realised the generosity her friends had shown her, and it was on the rope too as if guiding her way. (I wonder if rainbow shimmer in eyes bears any relation to the ‘spark’ in FiMpt2 and her cutie mark in MMC that showed in Twilight’s eyes)

    The theory I have right now is that the keys will be everyday objects given to each member of the Mane Six in the spirit of her element of harmony by a pony who has learned the corresponding trait from her. Guess we’ll have to keep an eye out for the rainbow shimmer on every day objects in future episodes.

    • Yes, perhaps Rarity was the first character to receive the “Key”, and maybe these Keys aren’t as much physical objects as they are realizations… that seems like a route a show with this demographic may take.

      • msgempire says:

        It would make more sense too since the box was something new given by the tree of harmony. Some people have said Celestia was trolling again over not knowing what’s in the box, but I think she doesn’t know, she might have an idea, but her guess is as good as anyone’s. So having actual keys lying around Equestria for a box nopony knew existed before doesn’t make much sense.

        Maybe after getting a full realisation of their element, they get given an object and in the finale Twilight figures out that they have to place them around the box in the right order and the keys appear. I got my theory, and I’m sticking to it until the show proves me wrong 😉

        Now off to watch your blind commentary 🙂

        • WiiGuy says:

          I agree with the thread being the key. I mean Rarity’s got a row of purple, yellow, pink, orange, white and cyan colored thread, each one representing one of the Mane Six… Could the rainbow one represent their friendship? Most likely.

          I’m looking forward to the next episode. It’s got to be the one with THAT song.

          • msgempire says:

            I hope the rainbow one represents their friendship 🙂

            I’m so looking forward to the next episode to see the song in full glorious colour. Plus Pinkie and AJ episode will be something new. Yay. I think out of all the sneak peeks in the animatics Pinkie Apple Pie is the one I was looking forward to the most just because of that oh so catchy song and to find out why Pinkie is travelling with the Apples. I have read the synopsis but you don’t like any type of spoilers right? Anyway it’s not a full explanation anyways and I decided not to think about it too much and let the episode explain for itself 😀

          • msgempire says:

            Wow, I really should have looked who I was replying too before answering, I just followed the link from my email and I guess that’s what I get for assuming it was mrakward. My answer is still mostly the same I just have no idea about your stance on spoilers. *embarrassed *

  2. mynamesnotkim says:

    I liked this episode. After going so long without a Rarity episode its refreshing to see the fashionista stride back into the spotlight. Personally I thought the episode had a rather slow beginning but a well paced middle and end.

    I just can’t help but feel that episode was DHX’s response to comments on Rarity not representing her EoH well in previous seasons. Not very subtle in how episode focused on the double edged sword known Generosity that’s for sure.

    Tabitha St. Germain once again showing her mastery of Rarity’s character. Also props to Kazumi Evans for the song in this episode. While not my favorite Rarity song it’s still pretty catchy. The tag team duo of Tabitha and Kazumi never falters when it comes to a Rarity centered episode.

    The antagonist, Suri Polomare, was good in her role. Showing that while it is okay to be generous, you should be mindful of those who would abuse your help.

    One small quip I have about this episode is in the ending. Rarity states that in order to get the exclusive show tickets she had to make a deal to stay in Manehatten (away from her friends mind you) and make costumes. I can’t speak for anybody else when I say that I was actually a little disappointed that she didn’t end up staying. Rarity is my favorite but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to see how the show would have managed without her for what I assume would of been a couple episodes.

    Another part of this quip that I have is with Coco Pommel. So she quits her job and goes to apologize to Rarity. Now the next line and was said after is what had me shaking my head.

    “I suppose you’ll need a job now that you’re no longer with Suri.”

    I honestly thought Rarity was going to get an assistant. Now, fair enough, there was no indication this was going to be a reality. But still, here we have a a Coco who was working for the manipulative and greedy Suri. Coco states that she quit that job after seeing the generosity coming from Rarity and her friends. Perhaps Rarity could of offered to make Coco her apprentice as she taught her about fashion and generosity. With the bluff of Rarity staying in Manehatten and Coco’s job I can’t help but feel that the writers said something along the lines of “Hey, you guys want interesting small changes to the show? You do? Well guess what? We ain’t having none of that!” It is what it is, despite this I still really enjoyed the episode.

    Also the morals for the past two episodes have actually been really good. Also I’m just throwing this out there. I have no clue whether this is going to happen (Head canon and what not) but I’m calling it that the rainbow spool, one of Futtershy’s fangs, and Spikes comic are keys to the mystery box. The fang and spool I’m 100% sure on, the comic book not so much. For that I need to see a few more episodes to be sure on.

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