Community-Review-S5ep3 – Basic Intergluteal Numismatics

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Community-Reviews



Community takes on another concept episode… oh brother.


Once upon a time, concept episodes were something so scarce and hard to find in television that whenever they came along, even in their weakest state, they would be memorable and have a cult following. Community has single-handedly crushed this notion, taking on concept episode after concept episode, putting its own original spin on it, and producing not only some of the most entertaining comedy in the series, but in the television industry as a whole.

To put bluntly… I missed the airing of this episode, I had to wait till tonight to fully watch it. It was definitely worth the wait, and I can easily say that community is once again in its prime. No, better than in it’s prime. It’s re-vitalized, reborn, remade, and reconstructed. A show that doesn’t hesitate to change the theme, the type of dialogue, or even the direction of an episode for the sake of a concept, and this episode is no different.

The beautiful thing about this show is that although it changes so much, it alters so many things to simply make a concept, but it never deviates from character norms. The characters never act in a way that seems unbelievable, they always stay in their respective traits and thoughts, and by god, if that doesn’t make this show a masterpiece.

While this isn’t the best homage, or concept episode this show has done. Especially when compared to timeless classics like “Modern Warfare”, “Paradigms of Human Memory”, or “Remedial chaos theory”, but oh BOY was it funny. It wasn’t just funny, it was spit-out-your-drink HILARIOUS.

Everything about it tickled me the right way, from the dark and grim theme, to the Se7en parody, everything was just made so perfectly, so charmingly, so smartly, I couldn’t help but sit back and adore the ride that I was taken on.

This show is no stranger to making episodes so outlandish and parody-ish, that it can set someone off from watching it. It truly is a tasters choice, I just happen to fall in love to seeing this stunning cast being put in these different and unique situations that both test them, and have them open up their varied acting armaments.

We also got to see the return of Star-Burns, and Professor Dunkin, the fantastically British professor whom was sorely missed in the last two seasons. Their returns weren’t the highlights, the particular thing that had me on the floor (literally) was Donald Glover’s performance as the “emotionally scarred victim”, after he was ‘cracked’ by the ‘ass-crack Bandit’…

Now wait, I know how this sounds… and I would tell you it’s not weird, and you’ve seen something like this before. But this show wouldn’t be community if you have, it’s something out there, unique, and in the hands of any other show I can think of, this episode would have failed. Because a premise like this is just all-out bonkers, and only Community can ground it in the perpetual love and care this show exudes from its writing staff, directors, and the genius show runner Dan Harmon.

And in the final scenes, when the mystery of this episode was left open ended, and the custom made song about all the ‘crackings’ the ass-crack Bandit achieved played, with it’s sad tune, you can’t help but smile, as a long time Community fan and say…

“Welcome back”


Grade: A


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