MLP:FIM-Review-S4ep9 – Pinky Apple Pie

Posted: January 11, 2014 in My Little Pony- Reviews


They’re cousins!!!Right…?


Splendid, just splendid. I was never really sure this show would really DO a road trip episode… really, I thought that was a trope they’d never stray to! And if they did, then it’d involve the entire cast, not just two of the main characters. Well… they went there! And it was a lot of fun!

An episode like this, one rife with physical humor and gags, as well as pop culture references with a slight hint of world development was definitely something I always love to see. A show like this is truly on a different spectrum, it’s a cartoon, and it’s supposed to be light hearted. Even for a comedy show, I find it hard to put this show down, as it has such a breezy and fast-paced attitude towards itself I can’t help but join in on the fun.

This episode is the definition of light hearted, it has a few glimpses of emotion that resonate from either Pinkie’s character, or the rest of the cast involved with the episode, but mostly it’s light-hearted fun that MAY or may not have a payoff come season wrap up (last five or six episodes).

However, until then, I’m willing to accept it for what it is. Pinkie was as she always was in this season, very excitable, energetic, and extremely random, and that formula alone provided most of the laughs in this episode. Also the dynamic between the Apple family was something that the episode as a whole benefited from. The episode also experienced with a slightly skewered and more slapstick comedic style that was a refreshing take to the somewhat similar show formula. This season is definitely spending a lot of it’s time deviating from the standard show structure we got accustomed to in the first three seasons, and that’s great news in my opinion.

I was a bit nervous, with Community’s absolutely splendid episode this week, that this episode may fall short of my expectations, but I really can’t say it did. It’s just… it’s a fun episode, with material that I can’t say resonated all that well, but it did its job in the process.

As I’ve said, a show like this is graded on a different scale. While I take shows such as Community more seriously, spending hours analyzing their in-depth and meaningful content, it’s sometimes nice to sit down and watch a show, have a great time, and then not think much of it. In a way, this show is exactly what I need after a strenuous activity, or after I’ve had a rough day. A healthy dose of colorful ponies, on a road trip together, having a blast.

There isn’t much more I can properly ask of this show!

Grade: A-

  1. Zen says:

    Season 5 in the title?

  2. Connor Noiles says:

    I like this episode.

    Pinkie was adorable as always. And granny smith was heard singing the first time.. Those are good enough for me

    • Pikachulover2000 says:

      you should watch game of thrones and the walking dead after doctor who and community ^^ or during either way that would be awesome

  3. Luffyiscool says:

    I like how, despite the ambiguous / “choose for yourself” kind of conclusion they reached, they included possible subtle hints that Pinkie IS related to the Apples after all.

    Golden Delicious said “hello yourself!” just like when Pinkie said “aaah yourself!”, and when she removed the book from the pile, she perfectly took it from the bottom like Pinkie did with the scroll.

    I believe those may be intentional hints, especially the book one.

  4. narrator007 says:

    I have no comment on the review itself,. because there isn’t anything I can disagree with. I just wanted to say how impressed I’ve been with your improved editing and proofreading. Going back and reading your first review and this one, it’s as if they were written by two different people, about 30 IQ points apart.

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