Dr.Who-Review-S3ep9&10 – Human Nature/The Family of Blood

Posted: January 12, 2014 in Dr.Who-Reviews



A successful two parter! Rejoice!!!


I think I’d put this Two-parter between “The Doctor Dances” and “The Satan Pit” as it has attributes of both, but with a different structure. In my previous review I said how the Doctor always needed a more dynamic role… oh brother, was I surprised. They quite literally TURNED HIM FREKEN HUMAN!

                These episodes were an examination of what the Doctor is like with… human flaws. Not flaws that ever creature has, but with the ones humans in particular own. But I’ll say… they just HAD to hammer in the “love” bit. Which was both painful and rewarding, since I still stand by the fact that Martha and the Doctor will never be.

And low and behold… in the second part Martha spews all that nonsense about her loving him, and nothing happens. Mr.Smith, the Doctor’s “human” name is somewhat of a reprise of his role in the first episode where he and Martha meet. Where she first develops feelings for him, and how he quite literally got tugged away by another.

This is an interesting dynamic, and although it’s not as poignant and downright amazing as “The Doctor Dances” it is still here to deliver a fantastic couple of episodes. The villain was a bit odd, but interesting, as this show never quite resolves to blood and gruesome violence, so the scene where all the children are mercilessly gunning down the scarecrows was ripe with emotion.

That may have been one of my favorite scenes of this season, if not the show, as it was just… heart wrenching to see something like this. The whole aspect of the kid who didn’t like to fight, but was somewhat of a psychic was interesting. But it didn’t have a proper payoff that I felt was warranted and lovable.

But I honestly don’t mind, this two parter did feel resoundingly “Human” and the change in the Doctor was definitely a noticeable and odd experience. It prompted questions, and developed his character more, which definitely signals a finale that will be perhaps slightly different than the other ones.

I’m definitely looking forward to it, because this episode hammers in the fact that David Tennant is great at performing his role in different aspects. And the way Mr.Smith acted was downright incredible, how little bits of the Doctor show through him, but he’s distinctly a different personality, capable of showing fear… something the Doctor can’t ALWAYS achieve (refer to the previous episode).

I don’t think it was just coincidence these episodes were placed close to each other, they bore resemblance and some form of continuity. Plus the villains in this episode were a bit odd… but I really don’t have much to say about them. I did love what he did to them after they were defeated, that thing he did to the young girl was definitely… frightening?



Human Nature – B+

The Family of Blood – A-

Overall: A-

  1. Redutel says:

    This episode, for me, will always be known as “the one with Ferb in it.”

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