Community-Review-S1ep1 – Pilot

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Community-Reviews


The saga begins


With this, I begin to talk about a show that has changed my life, a show that is so different, unique, original, interesting, hilarious, and developing that it dwarfs any competitor. A show that is underrated, a show that makes the weirdo’s in the world feel normal, and the normal people in the world feel weird. A show that for once makes me feel that someone around earth understands what comedy is, someone who doesn’t stop trying until he is fired. And then when the void of his loss was noticed, rehired once more, only to capture the essence of this show. The essence of what makes “Community”, “Community”… What is that essence, you may be wondering? It’s heart.

The first episode of this series starts it off on a pretty “normal” foot. We get introduced to the characters in an understandable fashion, and get ready to embark on a journey like no other. For what it is, a regularly scripted pilot of a sitcom no one was sure about, it does it’s job splendidly. On my second, third, fourth, or even fifth rewatch, I still laugh at some of the incredibly clever jokes published within the script.

The viewers didn’t hesitate to notice the standout performance of Danny Pudi, who plays the Asperger’s stricken character, Abed, whom associates real life with Tv and film to try and understand it. Troy, the underdeveloped Jock (whom becomes my favorite character of the show). Shirley, the divorced Christian house mom. Pierce, the lovable old racist. Anne, the used-to-be pill addicted teen. Britta, the rebel. And lastly, Jeff, the disbarred lawyer.

This is a simple setup to a complicated show, a budding flower, sprouting from the harsh beginnings with regular sitcom shtick, but still never hesitates to be resoundingly “Community” in it’s delivery.

This pilot is what is needed to start this show, to lay the groundwork, and to produce what I feel is not only the most post-modern show, but also the most resoundingly human show we have in our generation. So I say, to everyone who decides to read this… let’s begin!

Grade: A-


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