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The first three, with the El Tigre!

             Within the second episode of the show, we get some resounding developments. One, the character of Senor Chang, and two, that amazing rapping tag at the end of the episode. Not to delve too deep, this alone warrants praise.

Community decides to continue laying it’s ground work throughout this episode, trying to develop these characters as much as possible, but thankfully, not too quickly. Jeff is still after Britta, and Abed is still hilariously unaware of his surroundings.

But most importantly, it began the development of the character, Pierce. Who gets shown as a lonely old man, trying to grasp onto a family as drastically as possible. He’s trying his hardest to bond with Jeff (Jeffrey) because Jeff is the leader, bonding with the leader breeds respect from the rest of the gang.

Did he succeed? Nope. But further developing the three dimensionality of the character, Jeff understands the unsuccess of Pierce. The familiar bonds of this group grow from that, that even the most perturbing and hard to like character of the show is still welcome, still allowed in this circle of weirdos.


Episode 3:

While episode three examines Abed, thankfully. Although I view this episode as slightly less successful than the standout before this, it still did wonders for this growing world.

Abed has issues, not his disability, but parental issues. The character of Britta, with her slightly motherly and protective nature, wanted to care for abed. But as uniquely as this show does things, she of course, fails. But she does this by providing too much care, too much protectiveness on a character that is really not in any trouble at all.

He may have emotional issues, but he is still just as human as the rest of us. In a way, he is just like, if not more capable than the rest of us. However, Britta sees the disability, she sees the issue and springs to help. A move that’s both ignorant and noble, which is her character in a nutshell for quite some time. She learns this lesson, sooner than later, and Abed proves to not only have more depth, but also to be more keen on the situation…

While Jeff and Britta didn’t understand the metaphoric situation Abed put them in, the answers that he seeked, and the way he structured them. It was oddly poignant to see his father understand his son. Seems funny, a father understanding his son… Duh! But in this situation it was something unexpected, and heartwarming.

Community really doesn’t hesitate to bring the big guns when necessary!

Episode 4:

To anyone who has seen this episode, they should notice an ongoing theme. Every character is getting an interesting pair, but not only that, the character is also getting developed. This week we get the riotously funny “Social Psychology”.

It’s not only called that because of Abed’s hilarious departure in the B-story with Anne (another new pairing). But also Jeff’s jealousy of Britta’s new boyfriend, and Shirley’s attempts to fit in. After all, gossiping is still something that bonds people over a common interest.

Episode two has Pierce attempting this, while this episode had Shirley trying. While both end in failure, somewhat, they still work to various degrees. This is either breeding sympathy, or falseness of character.

Best of all, they breed comedy. Although this may be the emptiest episode of the show thus far, it’s definitely the most funny. If only for Professor Dunkin’s absolutely hilarious freakout.

This episode is not remarkable by any means… but it still never neglects to make me giggle at the bonding of Jeff and Shirley, and the very funny B-plot. Congratulations Community, you never cease to impress!




Episode 2: A-

Episode 3: B+

Episode 4: B+


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