Community-Review-S1ep 5-7

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Community-Reviews

Community - Season 5


Advanced Criminal Law

Football, Feminism, and You

Introduction to Statistics


The ball is rolling

Episodes without a specific direction or strategy are almost always the best episodes of this show, so perhaps the first true directional episode of this show being one of it’s weakest is still understandable. Even at it’s worst, this show is still a solid block of entertainment that doesn’t cease to impress me.

Here, Jeff is still selfishly going after Britta, masking the false care with proper “lawyer” words. But this episode never forgets its routes, comedy. Here we get an absolute comedy. Scenes made just for the punch line, which is more casual sitcom-ness.

I don’t have too much to say about this episode, funny enough. This is because previous episodes wanted to establish this one, this episode wanted to establish the kind of world Greendale is. A world where the judges jury is held near a swimming pool near a swimming naked old man named Leonard… this pretty much defines Community if you think about it!

Episode 6:

In football, Feminism, and You, we get the first glimpse of drama within the show. As well as hilarious setpieces, and the first episode that truly sets up Troy (played masterfully by Donald Glover) as the funniest character within the show. His dialogue with Jeff, on the football field, was a compilation of hilarious physical gags within the background, as well as two actors with fantastic chemistry.

Also, Annie’s unkempt jealousy helped her sprout a “crazy” side that we will be seeing more often as the show progresses. The fact that this show did not venture into the “everything works out in the end” territory really speaks pages about how it’s ahead. A regular, down to earth, sitcom would have both characters get together within the episode, or create some sort of tension there to be resolved within the season.

Not community, that’s just too easy for Community. Instead, they shut Annie out of the T-bone steak, she has to be dealing with that now. And she’s a bigger character for it, rather than if this relationship nonsense sprouted between them, and the rest of the show was them bickering or breaking up.

Episode 7:

Truly, this episode is an “Introduction to Statistics”, a thorough analysis of what the characters mean to Jeff Winger, the disbarred lawyer. And as his cold heart melts in this school shaped toilet, so does the status which these emotionally driven characters take within his heart.

In this episode alone we saw this progress, and we also saw chevy chase be amazing. Not only popping pills like a champ, but also in perhaps the best constume ever invented for the actor.

But I can’t really finish this review without mentioning the highlight. Abed is batman, batman is abed. And troy and abed are hilarious.



Episode 5: B

Episode 6: A-

Episode 7: A


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