MLP:FIM-Review-S4ep11 – Three’s a Crowd

Posted: January 25, 2014 in My Little Pony- Reviews



Discord, Q, Q, Discord, nice to see you again!


So today we got to see the return of Discord, who made a welcome appearance in the season premier as well. Once again, he was voice acted brilliantly by the magnificent if not slightly intimidatingly awesome John De Lancie. His entirety was dedicated to make Discord both menacing and hilarious, and once again, his entire character was a success. But apart from that… this episode didn’t really tread on ground we haven’t seen before.

We saw Princess Cadance as well, making a return from season three, as her and Twilight try to spend time together. Which is sort of… ok? I mean, I can’t really come to terms with this, is it good, is it bad? No… it’s just fine. It’s just there, and it’s fine. Nothing about it is too memorable, and this entire part of the episode was somewhat forced, if not completely useless.

Then Discord pops in, and makes the episode infinitely more fun. He firstly asks for Fluttershy, which is fun since they clearly have some sort of odd bond. However, she has gone to visit the “Breezies” which are apparently some creature far, far away! So it turns out it’s up to Twilight and Cadance to take care of the poor… thing (Discord).

We have a fantastic music piece in this episode, as John De Lancie uses his incredible voice to deliver some great vocals! We have a lot of hilarious references to various things (Harry potter, Risky Business, etc). All of this was welcome, although I’m sure many out there are willing to scrutinize it.

Apart from this, the episode was fairly bog standard. It was regular Discord antics, and at the end we got a somewhat shoehorned lesson that was just “there”, there was not real build up or anything. However, we did see a fun little action set-piece to round out the episode.

Three’s a Crowd was a generic episode, of a fairly generic show. But thankfully, it was backed up with enough comedy to make it stand out a little more than some previous season’s entrances. Season four still hasn’t disappointed me, it has stayed solid if not excellent, so it’s only natural for it to hit a few “casual” episodes… if I can even call it that.

Grade: B

  1. msgempire says:

    I liked this episode, especially when Discord appeared. I was laughing so much at his early scenes with the rest of the Mane Six that my mother asked what I was laughing at. It wasn’t just Discord and his magically chaotic sneezes in that scene, but also Applejack’s raised eyebrow and Rarity’s ‘what?’ reaction when the others look at her when Discord requests a ‘dramatic fainting couch’

    I didn’t mind Cadence in this, I just wish she had a chance to develops a bit more. The only thing I learned about her in this episode is that it’s barely been a year (if we accept Celestia’s implication that it’s only a year between s1e1 and s4e1 and I can totally see that happening, I even worked it out how the first 3 seasons could happen in 1 year I just haven’t typed ir up yet) and already her marriage is growing stale. She’ll be turning to Fifty Shades of Grey type lit if Shining Armor’s not careful 😉

    My first reaction to the Tatzlwurm was OMG Tremors, the graboids are now canon!

    I’ve now lost my train of thought so I’ll leave it there for tonight.

  2. WiiGuy says:

    I thought my most relate-able pony Twilight was going to have the majority of screen time, but was disappointed. Still with Discord, you know it’s going to be an entertaining episode.

    I had to watch Discord’s song at least three times: one to focus on the lyrics, two to focus on the sight gags and three to focus on the references. I like it. I can’t believe he also managed to reference two Disney objects in his song near the end: The Wishing Star and Aladdin’s Lamp. As a huge Disney fan, it made me smile!

    When that giant Tatzlwurm appeared, I was so stunned and dazed that I had to replay the last few moments to process what was going on. I thought after the exciting fight, it wouldn’t show up again and just be a Big Lipped Alligator Moment, or in this case, a Big Weird Tatzlwurm Moment. Boy, was I wrong! It returned to give Trolling Discord his just desserts. As entertaining as he is, he deserves a little punishment for this trouble.

    (As much as I’m perfectly fine with FS making a ten-second cameo, I imagined hundreds of haters screaming in agony when he appeared on screen.)

    I sure hope Twilight gets her real focus episode this season soon.

    • narrator007 says:

      When you used FS, I thought you were talking about Fluttershy at first. That made me think how there were probably a lot of people upset that Shy only got about ten seconds of screen time before being dismissed for the whole episode.

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