Dr.Who-Review-S4ep2 – Partners in Crime

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Dr.Who-Reviews



Names Noble… Donna… Noble


Welp, she’s back! I knew she’ll be back! Well… sort of knew… But anyway! She’s back, and she’s MUCH better! No longer is she horribly annoying, tedious, badly written, and mediocrely acted! She’s actually a fun character, and I’m looking forward to how she’ll be played out throughout the upcoming season.

But let’s talk about the episode itself, which is a completely different beast in itself. While I appreciate a parody when I see one… or at least a satire when I see one, the satire itself still needs to have a convincing and fun story to go along with what it’s satirizing. This episode was very half-half in that remark, in one way, it was fun and inventive, in another way, it was repetitive, overly-silly, and just slightly above average.

I say this because the ‘aliens’ in this episode, were just horribly silly. And the supervillian? She was a nanny, who the Doctor hardly even stopped. All of it just seemed very stilted and put together. Even the way the Doctor runs into Donna, while oddly charming and fun, still weird, stilted, and clumsily put together.

This would all have been fine and dandy, if the story itself was intriguing. Which quite honestly, it really wasn’t. The ‘fat’ quite literally runs out the door… being taken as a literal phrase, because there are now aliens made out of fat which come from your body… is just… what? Also, the proportions of the fat coming out of the body was really wonky, as well as the entire idea itself. If this was some ingenious alien plan, how the hell do they expect people NOT to notice this? What if someone has trouble sleeping one night and sees his fat running away?

These kinds of really obvious plot holes bog down an otherwise intriguing episode. It was just above average, escaping the solemn pits of mediocrity because of the interesting pair between the Doctor and Donna. THAT’S why I’m saving this episode and probably giving it a higher grade than it deserves…

Oh and holy SHIT! WAS THAT ROSE?!?!


Grade: B-

  1. msgempire says:

    Yep, it was indeed Rose and just be glad it’ll only take you however quickly to watch it and not several weeks of speculation 😉

    It’s scenes I remember from this, like the Doctor and Donna holding the conversation through the windows, and at the end,

    “I just want a mate.”

    “You want to mate with me! Forget about it Mars boy.”

    “No. I want a mate, a friend…”

    Yay no more stupid forced love plots.

    Also Donna’s alien spotting granddad Wilf was the newspaper vendor in the Titanic episode.

  2. IDM4 says:

    congratulations, you just found the season 4 plotline ! Wait ? Did I say “The” ? I meant “one of” the season 4 plotlines.
    Indeed there is not one, not two, not three but FOUR plotlines in this season. Three of them were in this episode, the last was in the season 3 finale… don’t worry, you’ll hear about them again… (there’s actually a fifth plotline in the season but we hear about it only once before the finale so it doesn’t really count.. it’s a thing similar to the “You are not alone” making YANA from last season)

    This season remains the best for me and i’m nearly sure you’ll really enjoy it =)

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