Dr.Who-Review-S4ep4 – Planet of the Ood

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Dr.Who-Reviews



What an odd… Ood… did anyone else misread the title? 

Man, these episodes are just getting better and better huh? I mean, this season had a pretty solid start, but it has been going on a steady incline, because this episode was simply fantastic! Apart from a few pacing errors, there wasn’t much wrong with this episode. Especially the downright engrossing theme of slavery, and the poignancy it bares. Perhaps this was the most serious Dr.Who episode to date?

Plus… we got an amazing performance by Catherine Tate, who plays Donna. She is truly a companion i’m starting to really love. Especially her sympathy towards these aliens, the Ood. I say sympathy with a passion, because for some reason when the previous companions showed this, it’s almost as if they were trying to impress the Doctor… while Donna, well… she’s just a badass!

The story itself was structurally solid, apart from some strange pacing and camera angles in the middle, it’s generally quite amazing! The whole theme of slavery was actually really well written, as well as setting up a theme for the entire season itself. The Ood are very sympathetic characters, especially once you see their true form. The only gripe involving this was the transformation of “main badguy” into an actual Ood… how was this done? How is this even possible?!

Needless to say, it wasn’t explained too well. However, i will say that the execution and acting behind the massive brain of the Ood being tortured, in a sense, was also impressive. The parallel between the Ood slaves and the modern day slavery we see today was quite subtle… until it was mentioned directly. A line that i don’t find particularly necessary.

But i won’t criticize too much, it was a great episode, and lets not pretend that it didn’t set up a plot for the rest of the season… this IS Tennant’s final season, and wow, is he delivering the big guns acting wise. I’m really thinking this will be the best season of Dr.Who to date!

Grade: A-

  1. QuietPonder says:

    This is less of a direct comment and more of an overall. You seem to be speeding through, so I should probably say this now.

    One of the issues going forward for a lot of the people who came in on the reboot era is that they become more fans of Tennant’s doctor than the doctor himself. When the time comes for him to change, it won’t be the same flavor you’ve been eating so intently so far. And it won’t be watermelon either. While you may think you are ready for a change after going from 9th to 10th already, you may become unknowingly preferential to the one you’ve been with for so long now. Or you may be right and the 9-10 change prepared you and this is moot.

    Where you are now, you are getting closer to the end of the 10th. After most of season 4 is a bunch of mini movies then a big special. I don’t know how it is listed on Netflix or whatever you are watching through, but I’m sure someone will direct you on the proper watching order when the time comes, christmas special and all.

    What I’m recommending here is getting some perspective. Somewhere in the middle of the mini movies (and definitely before The End of Time), go back and watch a different doctor. There is so much prior stuff that it isn’t feasible to go and watch it all, but I’d recommend looking up a top episode list for the original seasons and pick one arc to watch through (arc because stories were usually 2-5 episodes of 30 min back then). Sample one of the original doctors, see how they were and how they were different but still the Doctor. Could pick one like “Genesis of the Daleks” or “City of Death”, but the choice is ultimately up to you. Just make sure any list you look up doesn’t spoil future reboot episodes for you. Or could poll people.

    Consider it. Do think it would give you a better perspective of Who overall and show you more of who the Doctor can be.


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