Community-Review-S5ep6 – Analysis of Cork-Based Networking

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Community-Reviews



Community is back to normal! HA! Just kidding… Just kidding… there is no normal!

Game of thrones… that’s a show that was referenced in this episode. In regular sitcoms, that would be the highlight, as it’s always fun to see a show you adore be referenced by another show… However, in Community this ongoing reference merely provided an entertaining subplot. While the rest of the episode was dominated, and I mean DOMINATED, by riotous laughter. In a show that is as funny as this, I rarely use the word “dominated” as it’s expected to be funny… however, this episode absolutely knocked it out of the park.

Not by using pop-culture references, or splendid meta humor, or even fantastic concept episode material that this show does so stunningly. No, this episode was funny due to it’s character collaborations. Anne, whom was paired up with Professor Hickey, was as much of a pleasure to see on screen as she was in the seasons prior to season four, when she was paired up with Pierce. Which is a fantastic back to form for her character, whom was flanderized beyond belief in season four.

So, where does this leave the B-story? Well, it leaves it in the hall of fame for “Most times you can make me laugh in a short amount of time”. It was THAT funny. Mainly revolving around the brilliant pairing of Chang, Dunkan, Shirley, and Jeff. Who instead of sulking back to boring cliche sitcom tropes, kept their ground as fantastic and hilarious characters by quite literally making them have some of the most awkward moments this show has ever done. Needless to say, it was fantastic.

Even a character like Chang, who has been so hit and miss these past few seasons, was on his A-game today, maybe that’s because whenever Chang cries I cry…from laughter. But anyway, this entire episode was mainly focused on Anne and Buzz Hickey, which was definately a very “Community” ride, as I like to put it, with one special addition… tons of celebrity guest stars. Nathan Fillian, amongst the four. They didn’t have an incredible amount of screen time… but honestly, they were just fun to see in the special world Community has built.

Overall, if you are curious whether this episode was successfull, I will answer your question with another question… has an episode of this show truly been unsuccessfull? Gas leak year aside, anyone with proper taste in TV would give you a big, fat, NO!

Grade: A-

  1. Kyle says:

    Great review.

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