MLP:FIM-Review-S4ep14 – Filli Vanilli

Posted: February 16, 2014 in My Little Pony- Reviews


The song… its… just… so… CATCHY!

Well… this is definitely a better episode than the previous one! In fact, it was much better than the previous one! Although it missteps in one important area, the overall episode is solid on it’s own. Here Fluttershy has yet another conflict involving her courage. In this case, it’s stage fright. I suppose i’ll let this one slide because I honestly can’t seem to figure out another way to utilize Fluttershy without completely flanderizing her character.

The entire premise of this was very structural, almost like a procedural “character goes here for X result”, but unlike the previous episode, this one didn’t just use the setting of a magical world as it’s only shtick. It had plenty of hilarious physical humor, as well as some fantastic voice work by the entire cast. The song prominently featured within the episode was also incredibly catchy, I could see myself listening to THAT  a lot!

The cause for my issue with the episode is Pinkie, and how she acted. Instead of supporting her BEST friend Fluttershy, she instead came off as an oblivious bully rather than a friend… and I get that this was supposed to be played for comedic effect, but making a main character freken CRY is pretty NOT-best friend material. This was disappointing to see cause i could have totally sprung for a higher grade within this procedural.

I also enjoyed the fact that they didn’t try to shoe in every single character into the episode… this was one of the only times they were all there for a believable reason, and I loved that. As well as the fantastic interaction between Big Mac and his sister Applejack was splendid to see. We got a few nice callbacks and a small, yet entertaining, cameo by Zecora, the rhyming zebra.

However, I fear this is about as deep as this episode fairs… it’s a strictly “normal” episode for the show. Which is most definitely not a bad thing, especially when they constantly deliver such solid episodes. If it didn’t have such a blatant mis-characterization of Pinkie, this episode would have been much more prominent!

Grade: B+

  1. Yeah every time Pinkie talked my jaw dropped and I cried on the inside as I saw my favorite character being used like…that for no reason that I could see. If it was needed pick another non-Mane 6 pony but not this

  2. I agree. Pinkie needs to get herself together. She’s been so not-herslef this season. Dr. Wolf was saying that Pinkie’s behavior is relatable here, but I can’t agree because it’s not HER character. From somepony else perhaps, but not Pinkie. It was too….mean for her. Pinkie is happy and bouncy and talks too much, but in a WAY more optimistic way! Wasn’t that her element; Laughter / Optimism?
    Overall tho, this episode was quite enjoyable. YAY FOR ZEOCRA! It was nice to see her have an actual reason to be in this ep, unlike in the season opener when she was kind of randomly appeared. And I’m glad angel wasn’t being a totally butthead either. I’m definitely buying that song 😀 I got the music in me! I’m glad it didn’t get annoying even tho they sang it like 30 times!

  3. Sadly, this was the first time I ever found myself ANNOYED by Pinkie Pie. This is a shame, because even her most nonsensical moments get a legitimate smile out of me, but she wasn’t helping Fluttershy’s situation, AT ALL! Aside from that, everything else about the episode was really good.

  4. anon says:

    YOU ARE ALL A FUCKING BULLY SYMPATHIZER! Pinkie gave that bitch what she deserved! people like you believe her false tears she cries over EVERYTHING! she uses her tears to makes idiots feel sorry for her. But when the victim finally stands there ground against the bully disgusting people like you come and defend the bully and tell the victim they are being assholes. In fact anyone who defends Fluttershy is a bully sympathizer that means everyone in the comments are defending a bully and calling out the victim for standing their ground you people should be ashamed of yourself! Fluttershy can be a dick to anyone and get away with it but lord knows if anyone stands up to her they are called a bully instead. You all need help if you are willing to side with a bully and lynch the victim for defending themselves.

    • You really need to chill, buddy… this is like your 10th message, lol. But for the sake of entertainment, i’ll ask you this. In what way was fluttershy bullying anyone? Seems to me she was nervous to perform, Pinkie freaked her out and made her cry… you are looking too deeply into this cartoon for little kids.

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