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Posted: February 22, 2014 in My Little Pony- Reviews

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Stop! Twilight Time!

When I first started writing reviews on this website, I wanted to make them different than the ones I do on my Youtube channel. Different in the sense that i’d be valuing technical aspects, acting, general things that I miss on my first watch through and reaction. So when episodes that I generally find “meh” come along, I always want to rewatch them, because perhaps I judged too soon. I was definitely hoping this was one of those episodes.

For a an episode penned by David Polsky, it was oddly lacking on the humor side of things. Less slapstick, just less jokes in general. It was going for a very standard sitcom trope episode, using someone to gain something. In this case, it was the CMC using Princess Twilight to gain popularity, and the execution of this aspect was generally good. I say generally, because the entire episode is generally good… but i’m not looking to watch a show about technicolored horses for just “generally good” episodes, i’m looking for standout and memorable things.

This is where I start to contradict myself. An episode can be standout for either it’s flaws, or it’s successes, this episode is neither. It’s pretty much just “there”, it stands as the definition of a filler episode. Now if I go into my own personal definition of a filler episode, it’s not something that doesn’t progress the plot, it’s actually something that feels generally slapped together, not thought fully through, and very ‘regular’. Something without an ongoing theme or proper purpose, something that is just there to fill up the required twenty two minutes, that will never be brought up again, ever.

In a sense, some of the shows best episodes are considered “filler” episodes, one that do not contribute to an ongoing theme. However, in this sense I disagree. There’s a different between being episodic and being filler. For example, a generally acclaimed episode such as Party of One should be considered filler, however, instead it’s just a great episode that is a part of the show. For me… it’s hard to describe what a filler episode properly is, perhaps it’s just one of those feelings you get while watching an episode to just check the time. To see when it’s over. The general feeling of dullness and being bored that overcomes you in an episode like this, where so little is happening on screen that you don’t feel the need to laugh, frown, smile, or even comment.

Even on the second watch-through, the episode is like this. Not fully boring… just… there. I can’t really address many negatives this episode has character or plot wise, as it’s generally solid. But then again I can’t even praise some of the things I found to be exhilarating, or hilarious, or even well shot. Because there aren’t any.

I will say that Twilight was well-characterized within this episode, showing her true “Princess of Friendship nature”, while the CMC played off her quite well. Diamond Tiara and her companion Silver Spoon were less cringe-worthy than usual, however, still so underdeveloped and boring they hardly add anything to being on screen. We saw Pinkie in this episode, for a split moment, and every other character was generally sidelined for a very CMC-centric installment.

What I find odd is that this show is usually so good at making the CMC be so entertaining and unique, while this season they have been somewhat boring. Episodes like Flight to the Finish, which was inherently plagued with a major fault, is still more entertaining than this. However i’m adding as much as I can to this review, yet even with Flight’s faults, this episode still struggles to maintain an edge to that CMC episode, perhaps just because that one managed to atleast address an adult and mature story.

In the end, this episode was filler. I guess that’s what I was trying to say… it was just a big fat filler episode filled with scarce material that i’m half sure will never be addressed again. For the better or worse, I expected something a little more shocking from you Dave Polsky. Here’s hoping the next episode is more surprising, for the good or bad.

Grade: B-

  1. Zen says:

    I find it odd that this review didn’t once acknowledge the development of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Instead of going around doing random stuff in a vague hope they would find their talents, they had actually focused solely on what they are talented at, and made real progress towards finding the thing that will give them their cutie marks. I would consider this a major developmental step for what you call a “filler” episode, wouldn’t you?

    • age234 says:

      I though the choice of skills was strange. Because we have known what the CMC’s talents are since The Show Stoppers. The irony has always been that their talents are obvious to everyone, but they themselves have not figured it out yet.

      Sweetie Belle’s talent is singing, Scootaloo’s is doing stunts on her scooter, and Apple Bloom’s is building things. But suddenly it’s magic, building things, and potion making, respectively? Really?

      It’s fine if it’s just another example of the CMC being on the totally wrong track, but that’s not how it was presented. This was presented as actual character development, which I don’t like because it flies in the face of the last three seasons.

  2. Hawkx1 says:

    They might and hope they will show more of Sweetie’s magic progressing also I’m called reference to “Cutie Pox” with AB learning how to make potions but I mostly agree a very meh episode

  3. This episode was good..

    The Cusaders were cute in this episode.
    And it’s cool seeing Sweetie Belle doing magic successfully

    But.. The episode itself. Was okay.. Season 4 is kind of loosing my focus. But still.. I liked the episode, best I could

  4. One of my favorite S4 episodes.

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