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Posted: March 1, 2014 in My Little Pony- Reviews



Even the name…

I tend to go into each episode with an open mind, because for someone who watches a show that is generally marketed for little girls I still get that silly voice at the back of my head saying “What the hell are you doing, man? Why are you watching this garbage?” And after this episode, it has a valid point, thanks Mr.Voice, how about you come over for a nice cup of tea and tell me how I should stop liking Finding Nemo, UP,The Incredibles, and Toy Story too!

In this episode we saw Fluttershy being shy, we saw her being strict, and then we saw her being  cute. So… we saw her be what she is in every single episode surrounded around her. The only thing that changed is the fact that she’s teaching someone else this, instead of waddling about and learning the same exact lesson she did in EVERY episode that has her staring as the main character. So yes, the most unique and interesting thing i can say about this episode is that “Someone else learned the lesson”. Which has been an ongoing theme within the “Rainbow vision” nonsense that this show has been forcing down our throats.

Collectively, this episode was incredibly sub-par, and on the second watch-through it was… just the same,actually. The same nonsense, the same “go here, do this, this happens, yay,”Schlock that can plague a show like this until the moment the producers go “Well maybe giving the writers a chance to be creative will garner better results because most of our merchandise is being bought by lonely middle aged men anyway?”

If you couldn’t tell, Breezy rubbed me the wrong way, in a way, it was like an awkward handjob in the back of the school, it’s fine while your watching, although you find yourself checking your wrist for an imaginary watch, but the more you think about the more you want to smash your head into a beehive. How the hell did these stupid Breezies get into Equestria if they need some magical portal to get out? Why the hell are they so dependent on the other ponies? Why can’t they do ANYTHING by themselves?

All of these questions were never answered, and worst of all, the lesson seemed slapped together, as if a half-literate baboon tried to edit it into the script using his shit-covered finger as a writing utensil. The character (Seabreeze, I think his name was) seemed to be the head Breezy, as he called all of them “losers” for being lazy fuck-wits that mooch off Fluttershy. Yes, he was right, they were being pathetic jerks and the fact that they were being treated like that? MADE SENSE! Thankfully this show isn’t so far up it’s ass that the lesson of “be kind to everything!” wasn’t used. At least tough love is applicable to the situation.

Let me put it this way, this slice of life episode was garbage. Why was it garbage? Because it did nothing, it explored nothing. Fluttershy is two dimensional and it seems like it will never change. So having the entire episode be surrounded around her and her doing cute stuff for not-so-cute small animals makes it just about as engaging as watching an anime about a group of underage girls sitting around a table drinking tea and chatting about their small hand-bags.

This episode did nothing unique, and worst of all, it hardly had any jokes! Apart from Pinkie jumping in every so often and saying something like “WOW!” in an incredibly annoying shrill voice, the only excuse for humor was the physical gags that this show did. And physical gags are almost never enough to sustain a cartoon, because yes, for a cartoon, physical jokes are often the easiest!

What i’m trying to say is that the more I re-watch this episode, the more it rubs me the wrong way. The Breezies are useless characters, they have no depth, no meaning, just some stupid contrivance that made an already boring episode even more facepalm-worthy. The fact that the way the main issue of the episode was solved was because Twilight had some Deus Ex machina revelation was even MORE upsetting. Did the writer seriously just give up and go “Hmm… what if we made the characters into Breezies so the corporate shit-stains can sell more toys? BINGO!”

Lets hope this show never goes this low again, because for a season that is in my opinion the best, this second half has been oddly underwhelming.

Grade: D+

  1. Zen says:

    This is the first review of your I’ve read before watching your reaction video (probably because it hasn’t gone up as of writing this), and I completely agree. This episode is rubbish. There is nothing about it I enjoyed.

    Someone could argue that they were directed by the Hasbro overlords to make an episode based on these Breezies, but that is no excuse for it being terrible. There has been plenty of corporate Hasbro intervention of this show, like Shining Armor and Cadance, that the writers have handled brilliantly. So given that history, there is no excuse for what we got today.

  2. dennis mcphearson says:

    “Twilight had some Deus Ex machina revelation was even MORE upsetting. Did the writer seriously just give up and go “Hmm… what if we made the characters into Breezies so the corporate shit-stains can sell more toys? BINGO!”

    This technicaly isn’t a deus ex machina as anything that happens in the IDW Comic Book which Meghan has state they are canon unless otherwise contradicted by the show) can transfer over to the show and vice versa as in issue 14 twilight had a species alteration spell that she used allow captain hoofbeard (a ponifed Jack sparrow) to be with his girlfriend Jewel a mermare by giving him gills and fins.

  3. Night Wing says:

    This epsode stinks.

  4. Night Wing says:

    The breezies are pathetic indeed.

  5. Moonlight Knight says:

    I watched this episode a few times but I still feel the same way about it.
    For starters I personally don’t like Fluttershy, out of all the main characters she IS the most boring/annoying hence why I never enjoyed any of her eps compared to the others to the point where I actually start to dread watching them.
    Besides all of this the breezies are something from g3 (if I remember correctly) and I have NEVER LIKED THEM! Seriously I tend to find it strange when it’s a hybrid of a pony.
    So the combination of these makes for my least favorite ep in S4.
    Also the fact that Twi had the answer to solve our dilemma in this ep bugged me (it’s something I’ve been scared of since she turned into a princess, I don’t want to be watching the Twilight Sparkle show where she’s perfect and has the answer to everything) granted this isn’t the first time that has happened and most likely won’t be the last.

  6. narrator007 says:

    I don’t disagree with you about the episode sir, but I do feel that the lesson Fluttershy learns here is a unique one for her. In the past, she has learned to be stand up to ponies or creatures that were being mean to her or her friends, and she has learned to stand up to her friends (which was reinforced with her emphatic ‘NO’ to Rarity near the beginning of Filli Vanilli). However, those were all about standing for HERSELF, for her own benefit. This was the time first time that Fluttershy had to be firm toward other creatures for THEIR benefit.

    During this entire series, there are very few times when Fluttershy hasn’t fully lived up to her element, kindness. So, to show that there was an aspect of kindness that she did not understand and needed to learn was a big departure from the way her character had been portrayed up until now, with all her previous problems dealing with self-esteem issues.

    I acknowledge that the way the episode handled the moral was ham-fisted (or ham-hoofed)? But I really liked the concept and thought it offered a new type of growth for Fluttershy.

    • Hmm,well i think it’s blatantly clear that what these “keys” signify is a character passing on their element to someone else, in this case, it was Fluttershy teaching Seabreeze to be kind WHILE still being forceful… the lesson was Seabreeze’s. .

      • narrator007 says:

        Yes, that was A lesson, but it was not THE lesson, as in the only one. Many of these episodes have had extra morals beyond the one written about in the letter or journal (or in this case, beyond the one that was central to the ongoing arc).

  7. HyperLord says:

    I completely disagree with you on this one, I mean, come on, this show is meant to teach viewers (mostly young girls) morals which they should learn, not for just laughs. This episode truly is a perfect one, it definitely talks about a lesson that she did not learn before, even though it sounds similar like other lessons she learnt before. The episode is not at all boring, it is rather interesting and definitely worth it to watch Fluttershy show that through her element: Kindness. This is the first time I have seen such a review from you, totally not insightful of the lessons that can be learnt from the episode, missing the whole point of the episode.

    • hyperlord1 says:

      This is the first time I see a reviewer that reviews a movie/show based on humour and being completely not insightful of what that movie/show is based on, to me, you are the worst reviewer I came across

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