Community-Review-S5ep8 – App Development and Condiments

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Community-Reviews



Shirley v. Jeff (Round 2)

I was really disappointed to see that some reviewers didn’t enjoy this episode as much as I did, simply, because it was somewhat messy… which sucks because i’d think something like this is up there with Community’s finest parodies. Grading it simply on the “Parody” scale, it’d get an automatic “A” for the fantastic representation of a future dystopia.

However, when you garner in some of the other parts of the episode, I can perhaps see where it stumbles. For example, the fact that Jeff and Shirley seem to have a conflict that should have been resolved… and the general jumping between plot points. Put simply, I would have loved to see this as a two parter, rather than an episode confined to a mere twenty two minutes.

However, in those twenty two, it accomplished so much. Specifically, it did wonders in progressing the initial chaotic nature of the school slumping into “Future Dystopia”-ness. In fact, most of the laughs came from the downright absurdity of the situation, yet it’s that signature Community absurdity that works on every level.

But for all the fun that I had, I still can’t say as much as I would like about the episode. It was really entertaining, Mitchell Hurwitz did an epic cameo, we saw Jeff act like a frat brother. There wasn’t much to hate about the episode, and thankfully, it was fairly deep towards the end as well. I guess i’m just a huge sucker for a fantastic concept episode, and when Community does it, it’s even better.

Lets see what journey this show takes next!

Grade: A-


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