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Posted: March 16, 2014 in My Little Pony- Reviews


The angst is above 9000

Well that certainly is an improvement! Wow! I think this really is one of the best installments this show has done thus far, not only this season. I say that for a few reasons, the lesson was more valuable, all the characters were fantastic, and Maud (Pinkie’s sister) was brilliant. It truly is a statement to just how fantastic the animated medium can be when the effort is put into it.

The fact that this is a NEW writer doing this episode makes it all the more impressive. Noelle Benvenuti, you did an absolutely fantastic job making an incredibly convincing and sweet story between Pinkie and her sister. Because truly, that’s what this episode was surrounded around. Pinkie’s (at first) hard to understand relationship with her sister, Maud. The fact that Maud is so emotionless plays a big factor in this. She juxtaposes Pinkie’s personality to a truly incredible amount, a true polar opposite.

I say this because Maud isn’t just a downright grump, not at all. Unlike the donkey from A Friend in Deed, Maud isn’t a grumpy pony, she doesn’t hate the world, and she ISN’T down on her luck. She simply doesn’t express herself, which makes her different from the rest of the ponies, and that makes the entire concept of this episode to be somewhat more poignant, intentional or not.

Pinkie has always been someone who can overlook a fault that someone may have, and it’s very present here. She loves her sister, and the tradition they have is incredibly heart warming. The main issue is that her sister doesn’t seem to be getting along with Pinkie’s friends all to well, and instead of her friends pretending, they instead, are honest. They can’t make the friendship necklaces because they aren’t best friends, and it’s only natural for Pinkie to have a rough time accepting that, since she’s so used to getting along with everyone.

The way this is handled, to my surprise, is very mature. Maud comes right out and says that they don’t get along, and she shouldn’t be around… and the fact that this isn’t danced around and undercut with some joke makes it all the more shocking to hear from a show like this. It’s definitely one of the strongest third acts this show has ever done, mainly because it revolves around a sisterly relationship, one you distinctly have with your family members and ONLY your family members.

Now of course it ended with the others coming to terms and bonding over their friendship with Pinkie, and if this happened any other way with almost any other story I would have been somewhat angered that they cheaped out of a very poignant message. But the fact is, this WORKS here. Bonding over a friendship with someone else DOES work, and I speak from a place where I’ve seen it work. They took a shot, and it payed off.

It just makes me happy that this episode didn’t end with all of them laughing at some less-than-smart joke and hugging each other, like an episode of this show usually ends. It ends on yet ANOTHER fantastic note. The fact that Maud DOESN’T like candy. She found a rock (that happens to taste like candy) and it made Pinkie really happy. She found something for her sister, they bonded over it, and it’s been a tradition ever since. Pinkie loves eating candy, so she does, while Maud appreciates the message behind it, the sisterly love that goes behind creating these necklaces. She collects all of them, as a token.

Which is just… well it’s something you’d admire from a show that doesn’t generally go for something like this. Looking back, it’s a writer trying her own method of writing, and it worked incredibly well. Here’s hoping she doesn’t slouch into “filler” habits in seasons to come (if she gets hired again). Because what i got out of this episode is some development for Pinkie (who was at her best), her back story, and her family.

Maud Pie didn’t need some over-the-top goofiness to make it a standout, like Pinkie Pride, it needed some good ol’ fashion script writing, and a very heartwarming story that was told in a brief twenty minutes. It’s only a bonus that this episode has some of the best joke delivery I’ve ever seen from this show. Maud is just brilliant.

Grade: A

  1. I love you says:


  2. Night Wing says:

    To be honest I thought you were gonna give this episode like a 9.8/10.

    I never thought you’d give it a 10/10, you’re so AWESOME Man,thats why I love watching your
    videos, cause you show your true feelings towards every episode.

    And of course you don’t pretend to like a shitty episode like any of the other commentators.

    Keep up the good work and stay AWESOME my friend.

  3. TheShadowPony says:

    Hey, and fist of all thanks for your great reviewes, especially this one. I very much enjoied it. And i totally agree with your rating, 10/10 is definately the grade to go. For good Animation, a great lesson and decent Humour (though it didn’t make me lough just as much as you^^).

    Just a short note on your “Sexjokes” (please take it as a friendly advice): I much apreciated the fact that you managed the intro without a “sexjoke”, it was like the first time this happened in your season 4 commentarys. Seriously, what people want to hear in a commentary video are your genuine reactions! If your genuine reaction is to laugh for the full 10 minutes, than that is totally ok! If your real reaction is the question “Is she naked?” and you say it (first trixie episode season 1), it’s totaly ok! But the “sexjokes”, like at 10.20 on this comentary, that, s not your genuine reaction to the video, that’s you trying to, i don’t know, sound cool, our show what a grownup masculine guy you are or whatever. Seriously! People can tell the difference! And they arent jokes, because they are not funny, they are just plainly ofensive. I can sort of understand why you are doing them, several thousand people are going to watch you coment on a video for 7 year old girls, who wouldn’t want to say that he is still a guy, and manly and stuff, i certainly would, but still, i’s not what your audience wants.
    Ok, again, don’t take it as an insult, hope this helps you improve your comentarys 🙂 (And again, feel free to delete after reading, this more of a personal message) Looking forward to your next commentary,


    • Night Wing says:

      Ok, sorry to interrupt, but can you tell me how are they ofenssive?

    • narrator007 says:

      I could be wrong, correct me if I am Awkward. But I don’t think he was making those random inserted suggestive statements at 10:20 as a forced joke. It was metahumor, making fun of the fact that his commentary had devolved into laughter and pretending that this “commentary” was more like what people wanted to hear. It seemed more like he was just poking some fun at himself and his audience with that, not intending for it to be funny commentary in its own right.

      • THIS, he’s pretty spot on after i rewatched the commentary. Half the stuff i say is making fun of myself before the incredibly angry elitists who tend to sometimes watch my videos.

    • lol, it’s not about being a man or masculine… and i actually know quite a few people who laugh at them. ‘They aren’t jokes because they aren’t funny’, is your own opinion. The reason, i’d say, people enjoy them, is BECAUSE they are out of place. For example, if i was making sex jokes about oh i don’t know… a sex scene between two famous porn stars, it’d be less effective because it’s an understandable medium. However, when it comes to childish TV-shows it’s “out there” and “shocking”, therefore, shock-humor! You don’t have to be a fan of it.

      • TheShadowPony says:

        Ok, if you put those in as a choice, then it realy commes down to a question of taste. I’m 23 years old, a man of the world and i don’t find those “shocking” but merely slightly distastefull. But if you fell that a majority of your audiance is suceptible to this kind of “shock-humour”…well…i’ts your channel.


  4. narrator007 says:

    I agreed with almost everything you wrote, save for one thing: ” the lesson was more valuable”.

    Imo, most of the more obvious lessons are more valuable in this show. They just have less value to US because we already know them inside and out. A more accurate way to state what you meant was that this lesson had more practical value.

    • I’m not too sure, to be honest. This lesson was more specific, therefore less practical. But, because it was more specific, it has the opportunity to be more poignant and resonant with the few people who have dealt, or are dealing with a similar issue. Saying something like… “Trust your friends!” Is more broad and vague and perhaps can help the .01 percent of people who’ve never heard this before. But something like this is more emotional, and less-obvious, which in my eyes, makes it a more mature lesson than this show is used to.

  5. My YouTube account was delated so I’ll leave comments on here more.. I hope you enjoy it.

    I have to say. I found this one of the better episodes.
    Laughed so hard at Maude calling her rock “boulder”, sarcastically saying how ‘creative’ it is.

    The idea of pinkie having a sister come over, is enjoyable.

    That quite voice, got actually, pretty cute, the more I heard it.

    That’s all I have to say.

    If you have anything to say.
    Please do.. 🙂

  6. I hope for more Maud Pie in S4.

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