MLP:FIM-Review-S4ep19 – For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils

Posted: March 22, 2014 in My Little Pony- Reviews



Ding Ding

Again, I don’t have too much to say about an episode like this. Just a standard run-of-the mill installment of the show. It plays around with a few interesting concepts, such as Luna’s love to enter children’s dreams (creepy?), but generally borders on the safe weekly installment that this season has been keen on ditching.

So what’s this episode got going for it? Firstly, the pacing is pretty much spot on. It has this three-act play-like theme to it which propels this episode forward. Also, there is a thoroughly long and entertaining dream sequence; and just like ever dream sequence in ever cartoon ever, it is filled with completely random (or seemingly so) things, floating about in space or water. I thought the fact that they tied in dolphins to be a neat aspect… but still somewhat out of the blue. Sweetie bell knows Sapphire shore’s favorite animal and good luck charm… yet ISN’T a fan of her? It’s somewhat illogical.

What’s also illogical and often un-immersive is the dialogue that get used in some crucial scenes within the episode. For example, the dialogue that gets used whilst Rarity is entertaining Sweetie Belle’s birthday guests. What also rubbed me the wrong way was the odd villianization of Sweetie Belle. The writers in this show seem to have this knack at villianizing characters with a flip of a switch. A character like Sweetie Belle, literally one that is morally just in A LOT of these things, would go so far as to sabotage her big sister’s big moment is just… it’s too hard to believe in my eyes.

However, the episode is generally on top of it’s game in most other aspects. It’s interesting, and has a solid sense of entertainment throughout. The comedy value is indeed quite low… but that doesn’t signify failure as much as it does lack of entertainment for the people such as myself, who value comedy over various other developments in the show. This is for the simple fact that a show like this simply cannot delve too in depth or become mature enough to sustain my interest if a less-than-abundant amount of comedy is present. That’s nothing against the show, but it’s just the honest truth.

Overall it was a solid installment of the show that has enough good to outweigh the bad any day. I’m not sure how much it does in the realm of character development… but I really don’t care. As long as it keeps staying solid, and hopefully somewhat refreshing like the previous weeks episode, i’ll be completely content.

Grade: B

  1. “I thought the fact that they tied in dolphins to be a neat aspect… but still somewhat out of the blue. Sweetie bell knows Sapphire shore’s favorite animal and good luck charm… yet ISN’T a fan of her? It’s somewhat illogical.”

    She didn’t know but at 20:37 Luna says “And I think I know how you can even improve it” so Luna knew of Sapphire’s favorite animal and good luck charm (probably because she can see her dreams too) and told SB to make a dolphin on the headdress.

  2. By the way.. If your still wondering.. Whom the bell tolls, is a Metallica song. I should know. I f-cking love those guys!

  3. narrator007 says:

    Like you Awkward, I also value comedy above all else. And yet I still loved this episode despite the lack of jokes. I think it’s because I became emotionally attached to these characters through the laughter in previous installments, and now that I care about them I don’t necessarily need to laugh in order to be invested. I am already interested by virtue of the bond which has already been established, which is probably why I am lenient with new episodes. Much like I would judge a friend less harshly than I would a total stranger.

    By the way, although I couldn’t believe what Sweetie Belle was doing when I first saw her sabotaging Rarity’s outfit, on second viewing it made more sense to me how she was able to rationalize it. Since she helped Rarity make it, her undoing a part of it would be, in her mind, equivalent to taking back the work that she had put into it. I am not excusing this terrible behavior, of course. I am merely explaining how she could have convinced herself to do something that she normally wouldn’t do. And when one is tired or upset, one is prone to act differently already (see Applebloom at the train station in Flight to the Finish), so a little rationalization could be just the little push needed that sends one over the proverbial cliff.

    • I understand that, i suppose i don’t feel the same connection with the characters which makes it an easier way to judge an episode harshly if needed. I mean, it’s not hard to say that someone like twilight sparkle ain’t as deep or emotionally powerful as lets say… walter white :p (breaking bad)

  4. That was one of the best S4 episodes,

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