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  1. Steven says:

    Can u watch my little Dashie 2 please, u will freaking love the ending, i dont know if u have watched it or not but if u hasnt, watch it. I know u watched my little dashie 1 and im sure u want to know what the guy will do

  2. Tadeo says:

    Have you played the last of us? if not do a gameplay commentary! 😀

  3. shannon mulholland says:

    hello awkwardreviewer I have just learned of what has happened to your channel, I found out it was due to your subs giving you a hard time about your opinions. I find this quite ironic, as the show promotes understanding that people are different and that we all like different things. either way I just wanted to say that even though you do not have a youtube channel anymore, if you do decide to start one up again in the future, I will be there as a loyal subscriber.

  4. hodelino says:

    Wow just saw that you deleted your Youtube Channel 😦
    I thought that you will just make a break again….I hope we will se something from you soon even if it doesn’t have anything to do with ponies. Just make something that makes you happy 🙂

  5. AwkwardFan says:

    No 😥 , he deleted his youtube account. I loved watching those mlp commentaries. You will be missed awkward. Thanks for the good times, I will never forget them.

    Forever Your Fan, ~AwkwardFan

  6. Amy says:

    where can we find your awesome videos I was watching them last year I think and then they deleted them. I was really enjoying them and waiting every week for the new video. Please tell me that they aren’t completely gone from the internet. These other commentators are sooooooo bad. If you really deleted everything please reconsider your fans and upload them again, mlp is nothing without your commentaries.

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