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Names Noble… Donna… Noble


Welp, she’s back! I knew she’ll be back! Well… sort of knew… But anyway! She’s back, and she’s MUCH better! No longer is she horribly annoying, tedious, badly written, and mediocrely acted! She’s actually a fun character, and I’m looking forward to how she’ll be played out throughout the upcoming season.

But let’s talk about the episode itself, which is a completely different beast in itself. While I appreciate a parody when I see one… or at least a satire when I see one, the satire itself still needs to have a convincing and fun story to go along with what it’s satirizing. This episode was very half-half in that remark, in one way, it was fun and inventive, in another way, it was repetitive, overly-silly, and just slightly above average.

I say this because the ‘aliens’ in this episode, were just horribly silly. And the supervillian? She was a nanny, who the Doctor hardly even stopped. All of it just seemed very stilted and put together. Even the way the Doctor runs into Donna, while oddly charming and fun, still weird, stilted, and clumsily put together.

This would all have been fine and dandy, if the story itself was intriguing. Which quite honestly, it really wasn’t. The ‘fat’ quite literally runs out the door… being taken as a literal phrase, because there are now aliens made out of fat which come from your body… is just… what? Also, the proportions of the fat coming out of the body was really wonky, as well as the entire idea itself. If this was some ingenious alien plan, how the hell do they expect people NOT to notice this? What if someone has trouble sleeping one night and sees his fat running away?

These kinds of really obvious plot holes bog down an otherwise intriguing episode. It was just above average, escaping the solemn pits of mediocrity because of the interesting pair between the Doctor and Donna. THAT’S why I’m saving this episode and probably giving it a higher grade than it deserves…

Oh and holy SHIT! WAS THAT ROSE?!?!


Grade: B-



Welcome to… the voyage of the damned! Aka… Titanic in space


Yep… so… what? I’m confused, Titanic in space?! Wooooow… never really expected to see that! I will say, the set pieces look really nice in this episode, the interior of this space Titanic is absolutely beautiful. Also, the entire theme of the “Titanic” always ending up “sinking” in a sense, was also very blatant, but entertaining to watch. ALSO… this was a Christmas special… oh brother.

Yes yes, Dr.Who Christmas specials are really nothing to write home about, they are just there, with massive setpieces, decent acting, mediocre story, and clichéd plot. Nothing more, nothing less, they are just, solid. And this episode is really no different to be honest, it’s solid! And it doesn’t really shine until the very end, when they are finally getting off that stupid ship!

Part of the negatives that surround this episode, surround its ongoing theme. The Doctor is supposed to represent Jesus… which is quite honestly, stupid. And I would be fine with this idiocy if it wasn’t hammered in every five minutes, and accumulated with him being raised up by angels… which is just so much cheese I felt like I was suffocating.

This episode was of course not without its regular Christmas cheese, which was generally fine… the little red guy who sacrificed himself was funny ENOUGH to sustain the bullshit that, that dialogue was written as.

The villians were also fairly “there” in a sense… they weren’t special, they weren’t unique, they weren’t original. I liked their designs at first, because they had that delightfully creepiness to them that this show sometimes does really well… but after that base theme was developed I couldn’t help but facepalm.

But enough about the negatives… I liked the Doctors performance, although it seemed like he was trying to cope with the not-so-great dialogue by simply bugging his eyes out more, and acting EVEN nuttier. His one-shot companion was also a neat choice, I won’t say she was fantastic… but she was definitely a slightly interesting character at the very least. So in general, it was just a solid episode throughout, filled with enough cringe-material to make it a true Dr.Who Christmas special, but also filled with enough heart to make it lovable.

Particularly the final scene, when the poor elderly man gets taken to earth and finds out he’s rich. I swear, maybe it’s because I have a really big soft spot for elderly people in sad/happy situations, but man if that scene didn’t give me just a slight hint of misty eyes. I don’t know… maybe my cold heart is finally starting to warm up? All I meant, is that, that final piece of dialogue between the Doctor was my favorite scene, not only in this episode, but in every Christmas special thus far!


Grade: B


The season 3 finale… oh boy, call over the villians!


Well I finally picked up Dr.Who again, sorry for the long wait! Mostly business… editing, and general non-who-ness. But I swear, I’ll try get these reviews out in the timely-iest of fashions… (heh… heh… get it? Time…)

So today I got the pleasure of seeing the shows FIRST three parter!  A movie-length season three finale, and is it just me, or is the show really running the whole “end of the world” thing to the ground… but I guess in a show like this, we know the outcome… we are here for the ride. And what a ride it was… for the most part.

Let me just say, that the first episode in this three episode extravaganza was downright splendid, I REALLY liked it… I wasn’t expecting it to go where it did, and for a moment, I thought this whole series of episodes would be incredible! No… no, definitely not incredible. Passable would be the word for it.

I loved the way it got set up though, the entire first forty minutes was splendid, and it had great characters, great progression, splendid pacing, and best of all, a really interesting premise. I like that the Doctor isn’t the last timelord, and his “arch-nemisis” is “The master”… but one has to wonder, how come no one else got these names? Are there only a few hundred Time lords to ever live? Because god damn, these seem like pretty popular names if they were able to be chosen!

But anyway…. JACK’S BACK! Yay!!! I missed him, a lot! He is a fantastic character, the chemistry he had with Tennant was still good… although not as perfect as it was with Eccleston. Also, the entire aspect of him being literally unkillable is interesting, and honestly, not too bad. So far, this three party doesn’t quite have the Deus Ex Machina this show’s creator loves oh so much…

Now… the second two episodes. This is where the two parter goes into full swing. I will say, I liked “The Master” he was a neat villain… intimidating? No. Interesting? No. Incredibly acted? No… But still neat, his entire premise is what elevated him beyond “cliché archetype” and more of an “odd freakazoid” character.

His place was an odd one… and the entire concept of him taking over the earth through some unexplained “drum beat” could have been executed SO much better… and unrealistic amount of missiles being built… and the entire concept of the last two episodes was way too far out there. There was no believability to any of it, it was in its own world of crazy. And I would have loved that… if it was actually explained. Killing the American president really isn’t enough to get the entire world under your control.

But… anyway… after you overlook these glaring flaws, it was still a fun episode. It was nutty, bonkers, and I think the over-use of decent CGI is just not necessary. As we saw in Blink this show is at its best without an over-abundance of explosions and eye-gouging effects. And I’m making a complete bet… that season four’s best episodes will not feature some deafening amount of Michael bay-esq explosions to gain my coveted “A” score.

In the end, it was simply too farfetched, and not well enough executed… but if there was one thing that brought a massive smile to my face, and absolutely made my night, was the final few minutes of the finale. Not only did Tennant deliver a great performance, but oh my… JACK IS THE FACE OF BO!!!!! I’m so done! This was like my favorite thing ever!


Ep 1: A-

Ep 2: B-

Ep 3: B

Overall: B

Season Grade: B+

Dr.Who-Review-S3ep11 – Blink

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Yes, I’ve heard that this episode was coming up, yes, I’ve heard all the Doctor who fans love this episode, and yes, I’ve heard that it was something unique and out there.

Every part of this is true, beyond a shred of a doubt, this episode was brilliant to a frightening level. Almost as if I was watching another show. Where did the Dr.Who that had the Dalek’s evolve into humans go? The farting aliens? The absorber? Where did all of that go?

Now we have a story that’s so jam packed with originality I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen, villians that were so unique to the setting, with both terror and intrigue, that I couldn’t… quite literally… take my eyes of the screen.

Saying this episode was the best this show has done is underselling it, this episode is something sci-fi TV strives for, something very few sci-fi shows can ever achieve in their perhaps long lifespan. Although I’ve seen episodes that rival ‘Blink’ in various ways, especially in a fantastic show like “Fringe”, but I never really expected something like “Dr.Who” to achieve such an episode that had THAT much intensity.

The characters introduced were interesting and well-acted… but the real highlight was the villain. The weeping angels put every other villain in the show to shame, not only because they are a hideously awesome creature, but also because of the way they do their “bad deeds”. As the Doctor said, they are the kindest killers, as all they do is transport you back in time to live out your life… however, the idea behind it is so gruesomely scary and fascinating that I couldn’t help but applaud the writer.

The Doctor wasn’t that prominent in this episode, however, he played a major role in it, as Martha and he are stuck in the past and have to use this complex method to deliver the video tapes to the protagonist of the episode. This entire system was captivating and it didn’t hesitate to enthrall me in the plausibility and mystery that could surround something like this.

Plausibility, IF there was a time lord in the real world, of course. There was no hesitation to progress this episode quickly, and although I would have loved to see more of these fantastic creatures, the fact that this episode was not a two parter makes it all the better. Because by the end, when they are facing off the Weeping Angels in the dark room, with the flickering light, I was at the edge of my seat.

The entire conclusion, in fact, was a perfect finale to a buildup that has been occurring for thirty or so minutes. The intrigue that surrounded these beings is still there, but the fact that we now see them attack… metaphorically, but whenever he blinks they get closer, showing their dreadful faces, was both incredibly intense, but also shockingly entertaining!

Needless to say, this episode is my favorite, not because I thought the theory and concept behind it was fantastic (like in ‘Gridlock’), but because everything about it was something to marvel at. The directing, the beings, the lore, everything. By the end I was just happy they stayed as mysterious as they came, because I’d hate them to be ruined with mediocre CGI.

Great job, Dr.Who… more like this episode please!

P.s- Wibbly Wobbly… timey wimey… stuff…

Grade: A



A successful two parter! Rejoice!!!


I think I’d put this Two-parter between “The Doctor Dances” and “The Satan Pit” as it has attributes of both, but with a different structure. In my previous review I said how the Doctor always needed a more dynamic role… oh brother, was I surprised. They quite literally TURNED HIM FREKEN HUMAN!

                These episodes were an examination of what the Doctor is like with… human flaws. Not flaws that ever creature has, but with the ones humans in particular own. But I’ll say… they just HAD to hammer in the “love” bit. Which was both painful and rewarding, since I still stand by the fact that Martha and the Doctor will never be.

And low and behold… in the second part Martha spews all that nonsense about her loving him, and nothing happens. Mr.Smith, the Doctor’s “human” name is somewhat of a reprise of his role in the first episode where he and Martha meet. Where she first develops feelings for him, and how he quite literally got tugged away by another.

This is an interesting dynamic, and although it’s not as poignant and downright amazing as “The Doctor Dances” it is still here to deliver a fantastic couple of episodes. The villain was a bit odd, but interesting, as this show never quite resolves to blood and gruesome violence, so the scene where all the children are mercilessly gunning down the scarecrows was ripe with emotion.

That may have been one of my favorite scenes of this season, if not the show, as it was just… heart wrenching to see something like this. The whole aspect of the kid who didn’t like to fight, but was somewhat of a psychic was interesting. But it didn’t have a proper payoff that I felt was warranted and lovable.

But I honestly don’t mind, this two parter did feel resoundingly “Human” and the change in the Doctor was definitely a noticeable and odd experience. It prompted questions, and developed his character more, which definitely signals a finale that will be perhaps slightly different than the other ones.

I’m definitely looking forward to it, because this episode hammers in the fact that David Tennant is great at performing his role in different aspects. And the way Mr.Smith acted was downright incredible, how little bits of the Doctor show through him, but he’s distinctly a different personality, capable of showing fear… something the Doctor can’t ALWAYS achieve (refer to the previous episode).

I don’t think it was just coincidence these episodes were placed close to each other, they bore resemblance and some form of continuity. Plus the villains in this episode were a bit odd… but I really don’t have much to say about them. I did love what he did to them after they were defeated, that thing he did to the young girl was definitely… frightening?



Human Nature – B+

The Family of Blood – A-

Overall: A-

Dr.Who-Review-S3ep8 – 42

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The key to the universe? The answer to the greatest questions? Weird mask! Wait no… 42!


Honestly, I’m still confused as to why this episode is called “42”… maybe I’m just not as perceptive as I used to be? Perhaps it’s where they were? But damn! I still don’t know!

But the episode itself was generally pretty good, it had some issues, like perhaps the oddest of villains… but we were treated to a downright splendid performance by the Doctor. Is this the first time he’s properly screamed? The first time he’s said “I’m scared”… wow.

Christopher Eccelston (The ninth Doctor) only had a season to develop, but his development cycle was fast, and to the point. While Tennant is definitely taking his precious time to develop the Doctors new persona, almost painfully so. But today was definitely a development-heavy episode, as well as an episode where I came to the conclusion that Martha and the Doctor will never truly get together.

But let’s talk about the villain… who was the sun. The sun was a living organism that we polluted…oh wow, the satire! It hurts! But yes, this was quite clearly a social commentary as well, which wasn’t as grating as I thought it would be.

When I first laid eyes on the “baddy” in form of the woman’s (whom I forgot the name of) husband, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the silliness. And that annoying “silly” sensation didn’t stop until around midway through where the Doctor gets “Infected”, and shit really hits the fan. So yes, the Doctor really brought this somewhat mediocre episode from the gutter and into the ‘slightly above average’ range.

Which is definitely a happy occasion, since although Tennant has been great, he really needed something like this, a more dynamic and responsive role as the protagonist. He was quite literally sacrificing himself for the people, which we all knew he would do… but it was still somewhat cringe-worthy (in a good way) to see him struggle and try overcome this infestation of the sun throughout HIS OWN body.

Thank the stars for his two hearts, or he’d be toast for sure! The side characters were a little less important in this episode, which is whole-heartedly unfortunate since Dr.Who is always so good at making side characters seem three dimensional. I won’t say all of them were bad… none of them were, they just weren’t as prominent and interesting as they usually are.

But I digress… the episode was fine, the Doctor was brilliant, and we got to see Martha’s “why can’t I be with him” speech for not the first time… and surely not for the last.

Grade: B



The old get younger, and the cliché get cliché-er…


Yeah, you heard me, the episode tonight was extremely cliché, perhaps slightly underwhelming. But it definitely did something to start an ongoing theme within the season. Something that this season was either more subtle about… or just didn’t have. Lazarus, a man whom wanted to become young, became… well, young.

Except this experiment had a Side effect… he becomes a ravenous badly-cgi’d monster that stomps around turning people to bone by sucking out their “life force”. But what’s more remarkable, is the fact that we finally get a proper episode featuring Martha’s parents. Something I was whole heartedly eager to see…

Needless to say, her family is a pretty awfull… not the acting, that’s fairly good, but the entire dynamic of “Bitchy mother with no redeeming qualities” puts actually good characters like Rose’s mom to shame. Needless to say, her family was pretty low on chemistry, as well as appeal. Each one was somewhat rude, or just plain stupid.

I get the fact that Martha being with a guy can set a mom off… but here it just doesn’t make sense until some random man told her exactly how “bad” the Doctor is. It’s overlapping illogic that puts this episode down, the bad cgi I can deal with. Especially since I dealt with terrible CGI throughout most of the first season.

The unfortunate thing here is I actually LIKED this entire premise, it was cool and somewhat unique. I like that the Doctor has more reason to stick around, and the more episodes that don’t involve world-domination the better. Because I swear… if ONE more stupid villain wants to take over earth, I’ll just blow my brains out with my cliché pistol!

Apart from this, the execution was a bit better, and I found that, that is the redeeming quality of this episode. Its execution was good, and the resolve was more appealing, with a better lesson to back it up with. Which is something this show doesn’t always hammer in, but when it does, it surprisingly poignant and I appreciate that.

“The Lazarus Experiment” was a mixed back, just like the Shakespear episode, it was something of a tasters choice. And that’s sort of funny, since I still view this season as the best one so far… strange… perhaps I’m just becoming tougher to please with this show?


Grade: C