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Well that is a bit more like it! I saw a little bit more life in this next episode, almost a hint… a hint at a living a breathing show under all that goofy silliness. This can be nothing but good news!

Today we looked five billion years in the future, and we saw the earth being destroyed by the supernova… let me just say, there are a LOT of logical errors and oddities in this episode, however, I will not get into them as they are quite nitpicky. I will say though, the grouping of aliens that came on by to watch the earth get obliterated was oddly disappointing. I mean… aren’t those the sorts of aliens you’d expect to see thousands of years in the future…? Not… BILLIONS?!

But maybe I’m just being harsh, I guess I was just totally thrown off by the half-CGI, half-makeup aspect of the “last human ever”. But I digress, this episode was definitely better than the cluster of nonsense that the previous episode was. It was a bit more structured, had some cool science-tech stuff, and even had some characterization (woohoo!)

Although the doctor is hands down the highlight of this show, and his character-developing bits were pretty decent… the highlight of characterization was the mediocre-ly acted Rose, whom went from a two dimensional stickfigure, to one with a chin! (Get it?)

She even got to have a nice meta-jab at the “last human ever”, where she expressed her disgust over how fake this “human” was… which made me think of the countless celebrities getting stupid nose-jobs and boob-jobs.

There were also some notably cheesy moments, full of frustrating clichés and daft dialogue, however, this was backed up with oddly directed shots that were just plain bad to look at. However, although the directing of the camera was a bit odd, the actual pacing was pretty good in this episode.

The doctor, whom as I said early, got the most character development in this episode, gets also a little relationship he forms with a tree… wow. Just saying that feels odd, but apparently now the trees have become a sentient race of humans in makeup.

I honestly don’t truly know what I think of it, but I do know that I was a LITTLE torn up overseeing the human-tree burning alive trying to help the doctor. I am honestly curious as to whether this show is for a young demographic or not, one moment we are getting treated to juvenile humor, and the next we have someone being burned alive.

In the end, the doctor saves the day (of course) with one second to spare, and ends up traveling back to what I must assume was modern day Britain to have a quick discussion on how everything has a place and time to die. But this wasn’t before we saw the hideous “last human ever” getting dried up with very cringe-inducingly bad voice acting.

But this episode was not bad, in fact, it was actually somewhat solid, it had decent pacing, good characterization, and was not as goofy and absurdly stupid as the previous one. So I think my hopes are up, I’m eager to see where they go to next!

P.S- what’s up with the tree-women hitting on the doctor right away? Is tree-sex a thing? But at least Rose had a fantastic “you go and pollinate” line. (Referring to the doctor and the tree-lady having sex!)


Grade: B-

  1. Desperado316 says:

    Funny… I didn’t really fancy this episode. I just thought the whole thing was way too cliche and absurd with the reasoning behind it not really worthy in my opinion. Seriously… She was doing it for the insurance.

    But I guess we’ve got our own views on shows. I enjoy a bit of comedy and from what I saw in the first episode, that’s what I’m expecting more of.

    • The main complaint i had was that it’s 5 BILLION years in the future… BILLION, not thousand, or million… and yet nothing LOOKED 5 billion years in the future… you know? I guess it was an odd feeling.

      • Desperado316 says:

        I mentioned the same thing in my review… Seriously… 5 Billion years. I think I’m an episode ahead of you but I’ll go at a steady pace so we can compare with one another. This will make it much more fun.

  2. Hana Shie says:

    alien tree on human sex… oh boy, that is not so.. once you met the character… i better stop before i spoil you something good

  3. i might have missed a part but why aren’t you mentioning the sad past of the doctor he tells to rose
    at the end of the episode. it was the thing that really made me love the doctors charecter!

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