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Posted: January 12, 2014 in Dr.Who-Reviews





Yes, I’ve heard that this episode was coming up, yes, I’ve heard all the Doctor who fans love this episode, and yes, I’ve heard that it was something unique and out there.

Every part of this is true, beyond a shred of a doubt, this episode was brilliant to a frightening level. Almost as if I was watching another show. Where did the Dr.Who that had the Dalek’s evolve into humans go? The farting aliens? The absorber? Where did all of that go?

Now we have a story that’s so jam packed with originality I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen, villians that were so unique to the setting, with both terror and intrigue, that I couldn’t… quite literally… take my eyes of the screen.

Saying this episode was the best this show has done is underselling it, this episode is something sci-fi TV strives for, something very few sci-fi shows can ever achieve in their perhaps long lifespan. Although I’ve seen episodes that rival ‘Blink’ in various ways, especially in a fantastic show like “Fringe”, but I never really expected something like “Dr.Who” to achieve such an episode that had THAT much intensity.

The characters introduced were interesting and well-acted… but the real highlight was the villain. The weeping angels put every other villain in the show to shame, not only because they are a hideously awesome creature, but also because of the way they do their “bad deeds”. As the Doctor said, they are the kindest killers, as all they do is transport you back in time to live out your life… however, the idea behind it is so gruesomely scary and fascinating that I couldn’t help but applaud the writer.

The Doctor wasn’t that prominent in this episode, however, he played a major role in it, as Martha and he are stuck in the past and have to use this complex method to deliver the video tapes to the protagonist of the episode. This entire system was captivating and it didn’t hesitate to enthrall me in the plausibility and mystery that could surround something like this.

Plausibility, IF there was a time lord in the real world, of course. There was no hesitation to progress this episode quickly, and although I would have loved to see more of these fantastic creatures, the fact that this episode was not a two parter makes it all the better. Because by the end, when they are facing off the Weeping Angels in the dark room, with the flickering light, I was at the edge of my seat.

The entire conclusion, in fact, was a perfect finale to a buildup that has been occurring for thirty or so minutes. The intrigue that surrounded these beings is still there, but the fact that we now see them attack… metaphorically, but whenever he blinks they get closer, showing their dreadful faces, was both incredibly intense, but also shockingly entertaining!

Needless to say, this episode is my favorite, not because I thought the theory and concept behind it was fantastic (like in ‘Gridlock’), but because everything about it was something to marvel at. The directing, the beings, the lore, everything. By the end I was just happy they stayed as mysterious as they came, because I’d hate them to be ruined with mediocre CGI.

Great job, Dr.Who… more like this episode please!

P.s- Wibbly Wobbly… timey wimey… stuff…

Grade: A

  1. msgempire says:

    Funny you should mention the Absorbaloth, as with that episode this was also a Doctor-light episode. But this is a Doctor-light episode done right, with the Doctor an integral part of the story even if he’s not on screen and a thoroughly engaging story.

    This was penned by the empty child/the doctor dances writer and current show-runner.

    I love the sealing angels, especially in this episode, just the whole ‘don’t blink’ thing. and of course it’s where wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey comes from 😀

    I’ve actually been waiting for your review of this episode to see what you think and I’m glad you liked it

  2. IDM4 says:

    and you certainly don’t have heard the last of the weeping Angels
    and now you enter the season finale in 3 episodes… with the return of a villain from the Classics series. His plans are a bit cliché but he’s so entertaining that I’m sure you’re going to love him. (And you’ll understand the season 3 plotline (which is Saxon, in case you hadn’t found it)
    (and also ith the return of a character that you love, I’d advise you to watch the first season of Torchwood to understand some details but that’s not compulsory)

  3. WiiGuy says:

    Now you and I know where the trope “Timey Whimey Ball” comes from. Best Episode indeed with such paranoia. How I’ve managed NOT to have nightmares after seeing this episode is amazing!

    See ya next review!

  4. Chandlius says:

    Hey, what’s with the lacking of Doctor Who reviews lately? I don’t really mind, but I was watching the show as you did, because everyone wanted me to, but now I’m way ahead of you.

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